Hall of fame: Six CEOs who've scripted great growth stories

Change has been the only constant for the companies of the Global 2000 list over the last decade. But through all the turmoil—including the most severe financial crisis since the 1930s—these six CEOs have not only kept their jobs, they've also presided over some of the world's best growth stories

Published: Jun 11, 2015 05:26:21 AM IST
Updated: Jun 11, 2015 05:35:37 AM IST

“There might be 10 factors driving the growth of the mobile internet industry, but it all relies on radio-based technology, and the physics are unassailable—if you want more people to have broadband internet, you need more equipment in the field.”

American Tower

James Taiclet Jr
Age: 55. CEO since 2003

Industry: telecommunications towers
Rank: 798 (+556 spots since 2006)
Sales: $4.1 billion (+334%)
Profits: $824.9 million (n/a)
Assets: $21.3 billion (+143%)
Market Cap: $41.2 billion (+215%)

$5.1 billion
Amount paid to Verizon to take over 11,448 of its towers in 2015, by far the biggest deal in American tower’s history.


“The most transformative technology of the next 10 years will be personalised medicine. Driverless cars will pale in comparison.”

Bad Homburg, Germany

Mark Schneider
Age: 49. CEO since 2003

Industry: healthcare
Rank: 283 (+559 spots)
Sales: $30.8 billion (+212%)
Profits: $1.4 billion (+521%)
Assets: $48.3 billion (+341%)
Market Cap: $32.8 billion (+316%)

$4.6 billion
Value of September 2008 takeover of app pharmaceuticals, based in Schaumburg, Ilinois, the maker of an injectable blood-thinning
drug used in dialysis patients.

mg_81517_stanley_bergman_280x210.jpg“Digitisation is changing the way that dentistry is practised, and there is no doubt that over the next decade there will be exciting advancements in this area that we cannot even dream of today. There is a tremendous opportunity in countries with a rapidly expanding middle class, a political environment conducive to business and a highly skilled workforce.”

Henry Schein
Melville, New York

Stanley Bergman
Age: 65. CEO since 1989

Industry: dental and medical supplies
Rank: 1144 (+633 spots)
Sales: $10.4 billion (+124%)
Profits: $466.1 million (+208%)
Assets: $6.1 billion (+138%)
Market Cap: $11.8 billion (+189%)

40 number of companies henry Schein
has acquired over the last decade.

mg_81519_david_whipple_280x210.jpg"Two pieces of advice stand out in my mind: ‘Any time someone comes to you seeking to make a “strategic” investment, substitute the word “stupid” for “strategic” and you’ll be fine.’ And ‘never defend the indefensible’, which actually came from my father. If you think about the two bits of advice, they’re related.”

NRG Energy
Princeton, New Jersey

David Whipple Crane
Age: 56. CEO since 2003

Industry: electric utilities
Rank: 943 (+1052 spots)
Sales: $15.3 billion (+546%)
Profits: $134 million (+28%)
Assets: $40.7 billion (+422%)
Market CAP: $8.3 billion (+119%)

2 million
new houSehold customers NRG gained access to with its 2009 takeover of retail energy provider reliant.

“Our focus is delivering clean water, safe food, abundant energy and healthy environments. These needs are fundamental and transcend economic ups and downs. Wherever water needs to be conserved, food needs to be safe, energy is required and people seek healthier environments, we will find opportunity.”


St Paul, Minnesota

Douglas Baker Jr
Age: 56. CEO since 2004

Industry: cleaning chemicals
Rank: 498 (+642 spots)
Sales: $14.3 billion (+215%)
Profits: $1.2 billion (+277%)
Assets: $19.5 billion (+413%)
Market Cap: $34.1 billion (+268%)

$5.4 billion
Value of the 2011 merger with NALCO, Naperville, illinois-based water treatment company.

“In low-fare airlines, Boeing’s new 737 MAX aircraft is a gamechanger with 4 percent more seats (allowing average fares to fall by up to 5 percent) and a great new engine technology, which will reduce fuel consumption, oil bills and emissions by almost 20 percent per seat.”


Michael O’Leary
Age: 54. CEO since 1994

Industry: airlines
Rank: 829 (+547 spots)
Sales: $7.3 billion (+320%)
Profits: $1.1 billion (+207%)
Assets: $12.7 billion (+158%)
Market Cap: $16.5 billion (+135%)

150 million

passengers ryanair expects to Service annually in 2024, up from 89 million in 2014.

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