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Setting up a table of festivities

Whether you are hosting a sit-down dinner or a card party, these stunning tableware collections are sure to brighten up the occasion

Published: Oct 30, 2021 10:00:00 AM IST
Updated: Nov 1, 2021 04:02:15 PM IST

Setting up a table of festivities

After a very low-key Diwali last year, people are excited about celebrating the festival of lights this year. After a prolonged health crisis and the devastating second wave of Covid-19, India is looking forward to celebrate one of its favourite festivals in all its glory. 

It’s time to once again dress in our best and visit friends and family, host card parties and elaborate Diwali lunches and dinners. 

Riding on the excitement, luxury décor brands have released some stunning tableware collections in time for the festival of lights. 

Here is a curated a list of some of the best tableware that will add an extra dollop of style and glamour to your soirees.

Setting up a table of festivities

Upper Crust by Ellementry

The very minimalist blue Upper Crust dinnerware collection with floral motifs is made of mango wood, ceramic and glass. It has dinner plates, side plates, serving bowls, small bowls, an etched glass cloche, a wooden platter, an engraved wooden roti box and a wooden cutlery-cum-napkin holder. The collection has been launched alongside an Aura stainless steel cutlery set in matt finish. 

Setting up a table of festivities

Kaunteya’s Pichwai Collection

Kaunteya’s Pichwai Collection of tableware pays homage to the age-old art tradition of Rajasthan’s Pichwai that features scenes from the life of boy deity Krishna. 

This collection’s tea cups and saucers, coffee mugs, dinner and side plates, cookie platter and square platter feature different motifs from traditional Pichwai paintings such as lotus, cow and flute, which are then given 24 karat gold borders.

Setting up a table of festivities

Ochre at Home

This earthy yet luxurious collection fuses silver and terracotta to give your Diwali table a very unique look and feel. The serving bowls, dinner and side plates, glasses, napkin pins and candle stands have motifs of India’s native flowers lotus and jasmine.

Setting up a table of festivities

Bosporus by Good Earth

Good Earth’s 25th anniversary collection Bosporus draws from the region around the Bosporus, the famed waterway that connects Europe with Asia, representing a confluence of cultures. “From the influences of ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, and Byzantine eras to the Ottoman Empire, a rich culture developed over millennia, of creative influences stemming from, both, eastern and western civilisations. Byzantines were great traders.

They opened trade routes throughout Asia and developed extensive trading relationships with the Middle East and the Orient, including India and China. This fascinating mix of East and West is the design theme of Bosporus,” said Anita Lal, creative director of Good Earth in a statement.

The dinner collection has images of ruby red pomegranates and deep pink roses, the two ingredients that elevate cuisines across central Asia and the Mediterranean. One of the central motifs of the collection, a pomegranate tree with climbing roses, symbolising abundance and fertility, is designed by celebrated English designer Rebecca Campbell.

This fine china dinnerware with 24 karat gold highlights has multiple options in platters, bowls and gift sets.

Setting up a table of festivities

Kika’s Gilded Graphic Collection

The Gilded Graphic Collection of dinner plates, bowls and platters is inspired by the traditional Indian weaving technique Ikat and is complemented with 24 karat gold accents that stand out on the geometric shapes of the collection.

Setting up a table of festivities

Baarique’s Roha

Roha in Sanskrit translates to blossoming and this hand-painted collection of water jugs, glasses, dinner plates and bowls is made of pure Kansa or bronze, which is known one of the safest and best alloys to have food in as it helps absorb nutrients.  

Setting up a table of festivities

Jal Mahal Collection by Ritu Kumar Home

The Jal Mahal Collection is an ode to Rajputana architecture, full of kaleidoscopic prints in blues and yellows. Venerating the famed palace and its design, the collection seeks inspiration from the motifs found on the walls of the palace, rooted in Rajasthan’s traditional hand block printing art. The collection’s dining set has crockery, napkins, and table runners. 

Setting up a table of festivities

Mogulnama by Tehueti

The very beautiful, almost serene, Mogulnama collection gives Mughal designs a modern, contemporary touch by keeping the imagery minimalist, and in just two colours—blue and golden. It is a sophisticated collection that is apt for sit-down dinners.

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