Influencers of Change: crafting future-ready enterprises through automation

We are moving towards Industry 4.0, an era in which everything is automated. From traditional manufacturing practices to customer-facing processes, smart technology will be employed to derive greater efficiency and people will work alongside bot-support and bot-counterparts to deliver more efficient and effective outcomes.

This emerging reality, where robotics is paired with effective process re-engineering, will free employees from mundane tasks, enabling them to focus on more meaningful activities, like innovation and superior people-connect. It will culminate in greater virtualization of manufacturing and also higher job-satisfaction and fulfilment quotients of employees.

Enterprises have already begun to adopt automation and smart technology and are witnessing visible increments in profitability and sustainability. Corporates leaders that are contemplating or executing the shift to digital have certain apprehension and queries around this transition and are eager to learn from the experiences of domain experts and CXOs that have achieved greater progressed towards this goal.

‘Influencers of Change’ is an initiative that seeks to spur Indian enterprises to rethink their future paradigm with new-age technologies. Hosted by Forbes India, in partnership with UiPath - a thought leader in the area of automation, this campaign offers insights on fostering technology-led innovation in key strategic functions of businesses.

As the world’s first platform for hyper-automation, trusted by leading companies across the globe, the rapidly growing enterprise software company – UiPath, has been helping automate enterprises with its technology, not only making them more efficient but also opening new vistas for disruptive innovation.

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