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China's richest billionaires

Published: Dec 14, 2017 06:19:42 AM IST
Updated: Dec 13, 2017 11:39:13 AM IST

One can only imagine what mao would make of this generation of chinese tycoons—or of the country’s carbonated stock market. The fortunes of China’s 400 richest, all billionaires (or billionaire families), surged to a combined $1.2 trillion as of October, up by 26 percent from a year ago, handily outpacing the 13 percent rise in the Shanghai Composite Index. Seventy-nine made their fortunes in manufacturing, the most of any industry. There are 53 newcomers among the 400 wealthiest. For more, including the full rankings, see

China's richest billionairesImage: Bobby Yip / Reuters

Net worth: $42.5 billion
The chairman and CEO of real estate developer China Evergrande Group became the country’s wealthiest man—up from No 9 last year—following a stunning 469% rise in his company’s Hong Kong–listed stock, which swelled his fortune by nearly $33 billion.

China's richest billionaires
Image: Bobby Yip / Reuters

$39 billion
Known as “Pony Ma”, he chairs internet giant Tencent Holdings, developer of the hugely popular WeChat messaging app. A jump in Tencent stock ponied up an additional $14.5 billion to Ma’s fortune over the past year.

China's richest billionairesImage: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

$38.6 billion
Ma’s ecommerce powerhouse, Alibaba, keeps growing as ever more people worldwide shop online. His wealth is following suit, having increased by $10 billion since 2016.

China's richest billionairesImage: Thomas Peter / Reuters

$25.2 billion
Last year’s list-topper is one of 92 Chinese billionaires whose wealth dropped. His Dalian Wanda real estate and entertainment group has been selling assets, such as its struggling theme parks and dozens of hotels, to pay down immense debt.

China's richest billionaires
VCG / Getty Images

$22.3 billion
Reportedly a former textile-factory worker, Wang runs SF Express, China’s version of FedEx. He took it public in February via a backdoor listing, having acquired listed firm Maanshan Dingtai Rare Earth.

China's richest billionairesImage: Getty Images

Notable Newcomer
$4 billion
His startup, Beijing Byte­Dance Technology, created a popular app called Toutiao (“headlines” in Chinese), which aggregates third-party news and videos and has attracted 120 million subscribers. The company raised $2 billion in August at a valuation of $20 billion.

China's richest billionairesImage: Getty Images

Notable Newsmaker
$10.4 billion
Sun is founder and chairman of Sunac China Holdings, a Hong Kong-listed real estate developer whose shares rocketed 632% in the past year. This July, Sunac spent $6.6 billion to buy theme parks from Wang Jianlin’s Wanda group.

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