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Tech Tools

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Published: Oct 3, 2013 06:37:09 AM IST
Updated: Oct 1, 2013 08:28:19 AM IST


Tech Tools

Bathroom Melodies
Love your music in the shower? Now you can do better than your own voice. Plug your pen-drive into Aquatunes, a water heater from Haier, and its built-in speakers will belt out your favourites at 90 decibels. Your neighbours will love you for it.

Tech Tools
Kitchen Tunes
Like the radio in your kitchen? Then the Pure Evoke F4—it comes with the latest radio technology—is designed for you. It is compatible with both Bluetooth and Pure’s own Wi-Fi Jongo streaming system. You could also tune in to web radio.

Tech Tools

Grande Seat
Part of the Uni Grand Series of sofas from Woodstruck, this single seater is made by twining sea grass around wooden handles. Stack some of your favourite reads in the slots below the armrests.

Tech Tools
No, this clock from Anemos does not follow you around the house on its tiny rubber wheels. It does, however, keep time, sitting on your desk.

Tech Tools
Auto Clicks
Can’t drive the car? You could get the Audi wireless mouse instead. Designed like the car, it has a minimum range of 6 metres and high resolution sensors for accurate clicks.

Bathroom Melodies, Grande Seat, Timekeeper courtesy Better Interiors;  Auto Clicks courtesy Overdrive; Kitchen Tunes courtesy T3 (This material is reproduced from T3 magazine and is the copyright of or licensed to Future Publishing Limited, a Future plc group company, UK2010. Used under licence. All rights reserved.)

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