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ICICI Bank sketches an empowering, self sustaining blueprint for India's future

Uplifting 17 million people across India, ICICI's CSR initiatives are setting a benchmark in #transforminglives.

Published: Dec 7, 2017 04:38:04 AM IST
Updated: Mar 12, 2019 12:34:47 PM IST

ICICI Bank sketches an empowering, self sustaining blueprint for India's future

While we demand change to flood across our nation and develop it in every way for a brighter future, are we doing our part to commence this change? From the past few years, ICICI has been sowing the seeds of transformation and trust these numbers to gauge the outcome.

At the forefront of empowering the underprivileged sections of our country, ICICI Bank is committed to shaping citizens in a way that makes them capable of earning their livelihood. About 2.5 million+ women have been empowered to be self supporting. Over 190,000 underprivileged youth have been nurtured, polished and skilled to sustain themselves. Also 950+ schools have been revamped to give the future generation a better learning experience.

Built on a strong foundation with the aim of making opportunities readily available for growth, across the entire society, ICICI Bank has been implementing seven initiatives, keeping progress in the spotlight. Initiatives like Digital Villages, Women Empowerment, Skill Development, Education, Clean India, Green India and Health have been embarked upon by the bank to make sure the society is benefitted in every way possible.

Inspired by the success of India’s first digital village, Akodara, that endured the demonetisation phase with its model of cashless village, ICICI Bank pledged to transform 100 villages. With the Digital Village initiative, that aims at empowering villagers to become self-supporting, the bank comprehends vocational training, loan facilities, market access and digitalization of transactions and commercial activities. Ultimately leading to a sound economic ascends.

Breaking the stereotypical picture of villages, the Women Empowerment initiative promotes entrepreneurship among rural women. ICICI Bank provides affordable loans to women-led self help groups to initialize or expand business. This not only supports them in earning their livelihood, it also gives them a voice. So far, they have endorsed 200k self-help groups, empowered over 2.5 million+ women and given about Rs. 50 billion in loans.

ICICI Bank has set up training centers that have been instrumental in coaching underprivileged youngsters that have aided them to secure jobs. The ICICI Academy of Skills (IAS) and Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETI) have been providing free vocational training in locally-relevant skills that help them become employable.

Partnering with government organizations and NGOs, ICICI Bank has brought about a massive transformation in 950+ schools to nurture a bright future. Right from the remote areas of Kargil to the slums of Dharavi, the results have been speaking for itself. By renewing curriculum and training teachers, this initiative focuses at giving a better learning experience to students.
Putting health on a pedestal, the bank’s Health initiative is proactive on making healthcare and nutrition prerogative for children and women. The bank believes that a healthy society gives rise to a progressive one. In collaboration with the government and NGOs, ICICI Bank aspires to reduce child under nutrition. While good health care comes at higher cost, the Bank also sponsors surgeries of underprivileged children in rural Maharashtra.

Creating a cleaner environment for the less fortunate ones, they have also constructed 500 toilets in 100 rural schools. By facilitating cleaner surroundings, regulating cleanliness drives at bank branches and housing societies, the bank is committed to the cause of cleaner environment.

Leaving no stone unturned, ICICI bank is devoted to spreading a culture of sustainability and making India an eco-friendly country.

The changing portrait of rural India, where women are independent, where villagers can fall back on ICICI bank to start their own ventures and drastic improvement in health and education facilities are living testimonials of the potency of these initiatives. True to its proposition, ‘Empowering People, Transforming Lives’ ICICI bank’s efforts are palpable and bringing about change in the under developed pockets of the country. With an aim of #transforminglives of millions of underprivileged Indians in the future, ICICI bank’s endeavour deserves thorough appreciation.

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