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Spend smart and save the benefits

Published: Sep 25, 2017 08:11:18 AM IST
Updated: Mar 8, 2019 03:57:47 PM IST

Spend smart and save the benefits

•    Everyday expenses can add up to exciting rewards
•    Using the right card can help you maximise your benefits
•    Both credit and debit cards offer rewards for the whole family

We are all aware of frequent flyer miles, hotel points and loyalty rewards.

But both your credit and debit cards can also carry numerous benefits to make the everyday more rewarding.

If you’re a frequent flyer consider the benefits of the Super Value Titanium credit card, which gives you 5X rewards on overseas spending and allows you and your family access to more than 1000 airport lounges worldwide.

These rewards are exclusive for Premium Banking Clients.

What more? For trips abroad, you can carry a Multicurrency Forex Card. One card powers you with more than 20 currencies. The online reload feature of the Multicurrency Forex card makes refill easy and convenient. Moreover, the card comes with no issuance fee exclusively for Premium Clients.

When you have the right card, everyday essentials like grocery shopping, utility bills and even filling up the car with fuel all carry rewards. And as a Premium client, those benefits extend to your family both at home and abroad.

We all have a tendency to use a credit card more than a debit card, because of the rewards it offers. But using your Platinum Cash Back debit card can actually earn you money — with up to five percent cash back on your spending.

Discover how we can make your life more rewarding.

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