Facebook’s testing AR ads in the feed to give you a virtual fitting room of sorts

The Facebook AR ads are currently being tested with select users in the US.

Published: Jul 12, 2018
Facebook’s testing AR ads in the feed to give you a virtual fitting room of sorts

Facebook ads have been haunting us for a while now. However, this is probably the only update to Facebook ads that you are going to love. The social media platform is adding a little augmented reality (AR) magic to the ads, to turn it into a sort of virtual fitting room. The feature is still being tested with some users in the US.

Essentially, after this feature rolls out, when you see an ad, you will be able to try the advertised products on virtually. Pretty much how Lenskart allows you to put on the glasses on the website itself.

Another example would be, if you see an add of a shirt on your Facebook News Feed, you will soon have an option to 'Tap to Try On'. There you can click your own picture, upload and then try the different advertised products, for a better idea on how it looks on you. If you look how a product looks on you, you can also add these pictures to your Facebook Stories.

These ads will cater to fashion accessories, cosmetics, and furniture.

As mentioned above, the feature is still being tested. The company hasn't yet said anything about when the feature can be expected to be officially rolled out.

Ever since Facebook bought the augmented reality face filter app MSQRD in 2016, the social media platform has been adding a lot of filters to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. And now bringing MSQRD's expertise to Facebook ads is nothing optimal benefit of the acquisition.

Facebook has also been working on expanding shopping on Instagram. Up till now, Instagram only allowed businesses and brands to tag their products on the feed, but last month, Facebook added the ability for these accounts to tag products on Instagram Stories as well. However, these tag stickers are currently limited to a handful of brands, but the platform promised to roll it out to others soon.

Original Source: https://www.firstpost.com/news & analysis/facebooks-testing-ar-ads-in-the-feed-to-give-you-a-virtual-fitting-room-of-sorts-4727141.html

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