The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Two wheels can add more magic to travels in wondrous locales. Here’s where you could go exploring this year
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jan 8, 2019
The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Image by : Harvepino / Shutterstock

Lofoten Islands, Norway
Norway is expensive, but a priceless experience for a gently-paced family cycling holiday. The Lofoten Islands in the far north offer an impossibly scenic—and largely flat—way to explore fjords and picturesque fishing hamlets like Henningsvær, Nusfjord and Reine under the glowing, magical light of the midnight sun. Jagged peaks sweep down to the sea, leaving a narrow brim of coastal road with breathtaking views. Go past Stone Age settlements and old boathouses, a doll museum and innumerable art galleries. Stay at lovely quayside rorbus (traditionally-painted, fishermen’s wood cabins perched on stilts). And brave a fjord dip for an invigorating experience, Scandinavian style.