The hottest art spots to visit this year

Art lovers are spoilt for choice with a calendar that is chockablock with art fairs, biennales (and triennales) and other art outings that span the world across all seasons
Curated By: Kishore Singh
Published: Jan 23, 2017
The hottest art spots to visit this year

Image by : DAG Modern Archives

Kassel, Germany and Athens, Greece
Athens: April 8-July 16, 2017
Kassel: June 10-September 17, 2017

For an art event that is so serious, Documenta does not grab the kind of press in India that it should. Begun in 1955, and held every five years, it has become a huge resource and library for searching for curatorial ideas and an archive rich with art writings and ideas from around the world. Under artistic director Adam Szymczyk, the forthcoming Documenta (though it is usually written with a lower case ‘d’) is the fourteenth edition and is distinctive for having moved, for the first time in its history, a part of its programme to another country, Greece. The artistic vision comes from Germany’s economic support to Greece and the resultant hostility that involves the world’s embrace of globalisation and capitalism amidst underlying fears and vulnerability. With the selection of important South Asian artists to represent a poignant phase of the region, the forthcoming edition will shed light on nuances and reflections that have slipped past narratives of history in the conscience of the mainstream.