Degrading our planet, one nanoparticle at a time

This year, India and the United Nations (UN) are jointly hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations, with ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ as the central theme. There is no reason to celebrate, really. Recently there was alarming news of how we are ingesting plastic nanoparticles in the food that makes it to our tables. It’s time to fix the problem but where do we even begin?
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jun 5, 2018
Degrading our planet, one nanoparticle at a time

Image by : Ryan Pyle/Corbis via Getty Images


Over 42 percent of India’s consumption of plastics is in packaging. It isn't surprising, therefore, that over 18 states in India have either completely or partially banned the use of plastic carry bags that - in the course of a few decades - have choked up the nation’s lands and rivers. The government expects corporate houses to take measures that will help contain plastic usage including bags, straws and bottles. The states have work to do -  Enforce the ban at street and at manufacturers’ level; stop the rampant use of toxic material in plastic, and improve recycling. However, all efforts get side-stepped by the main issue: public apathy.