The sideshow at Alsisar

The Rajasthan village comes alive in more ways than one as it hosts its annual music festival
By: Aditi Tailang
Published: Feb 25, 2019
The sideshow at Alsisar

Image by : Aditi Tailang

Raju Chauhan
Age: 20

Chauhan’s stall, Bikaner Food Stall, which is outside the official festival site, sells chocolates, chips, soft drinks and other packed snacks that are all priced higher than the MRP. His masala chai costs ₹20, while bread-omelette sells for ₹100. While this is expensive, it is much cheaper than the price of food within the festival site, Chauhan says.

“I heard about this (festival) from a friend and so I decided to come here from Gurugram, and run this stall along with Mahendra Singh Bhati, an Alsisar resident. We paid ₹15,000 for three days as rent for the land on which the stall has been erected.”