The vibrant and sophisticated style of Bombay Art Deco

Some of Mumbai’s architectural treasures in The Art Deco style have just been inscribed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Navin Ramani grew up in one facing the Oval Maidan, but it wasn't until much later, when he was leading walking tours of The Art Deco heritage in Miami Beach, US, that he drew parallels with the rich heritage he had left behind. His fascination with the sophistication and craftsmanship of the Art Deco Style in Mumbai and its ‘light, playful feeling’ led to the making of his book: Bombay Art Deco Architecture: A Visual Journey 1930-53, published by Roli Books
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jul 13, 2018
The vibrant and sophisticated style of Bombay Art Deco

Image by : Roli Books from their book Bombay Art Deco Architecture: A Visua Journey,1930-53 by Navin Ramani

The striking entrance to ELECTRIC HOUSE EXTENSION BUILDING (Colaba, 1936-39). This is one of the first grand civic buildings in the Art Deco style. On the right, the streamlined design style of the CRICKET CLUB OF INDIA (Churchgate 1937) seen in its curved contours. Streamlined designs referred to aerodynamics, and the sleek surfaces conveyed a futuristic look.