World's 10 best cities for international students

By: Neeraj Gangal
Published: Feb 27, 2017
World's 10 best cities for international students

Image by : Tony Craddock / Shutterstock, Inc.

Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities 2017 list ranks the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into five key categories. These five main categories are: university rankings, affordability, student mix, desirability, and employer activity. QS analysed 125 cities for this year’s ranking, publishing the top 100.

Mumbai is ranked 85th in the list. However, Mumbai has fallen substantially: in the previous edition of the ranking, it was the world’s second-most-affordable student city. Indian cities perform best in the Affordability metric, which measures the cost-of-living in each city. India’s financial capital was placed 30th as per this metric. In terms of graduate Employer Activity, Mumbai ranks 40th. On the Desirability score, which measures a number of indicators pertaining to quality-of-life, including pollution, corruption, and safety, Mumbai was 90th.