Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists

In the age of instant click-and-posts, these artist-travellers slow down to document their experiences
Curated by: Benu Joshi Routh
Published: Mar 7, 2017
Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists
Chandler O’leary
Age: 35
Lives in: Tacoma, Washington, USA
Favourite places: My travel blog focuses on North America, so I’ll just list my favourites there. New Mexico and the San Juan Islands make the cut, as well as New Orleans, the California coast, the Palouse region of south-eastern Washington state, the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming, New England (especially in the fall), Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Bryce Canyon in Utah. There is beauty to be found everywhere, if one is only willing to look for it.
Preferred technique: Ink and watercolour.
Occupation: Full-time artist and illustrator.
Description of experience: I love to document my travels through drawing rather than photography because it forces me to slow down and really look at my surroundings. Because I’ve taken the time to study the subjects of my drawings, I remember my travels much better. Also, when I look back on a drawing, I remember everything about that day. Drawing extends the experience of a single moment into something that lasts forever.

Adobe House with Hollyhocks, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: August 2015
I love the American southwest for its rugged beauty, brightly coloured desert landscapes, and rich culture influenced by American, Spanish and Native traditions. Santa Fe is beautiful at any time of year, but I always associate it with summer, when the hollyhocks are in bloom.