Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists

In the age of instant click-and-posts, these artist-travellers slow down to document their experiences
Curated By: Benu Joshi Routh
Published: Mar 7, 2017
Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists
Allen Shaw
Age: 43
Lives in: Berlin, Germany
Favourite places to travel: Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Kutch (India).
Preferred technique: Watercolours on paper.
Occupation: Travelling artist, illustrator, storyteller and co-owner of a design firm.
Description of experience: I love the way the spaces and the experiences influence my work. I feel I also slowed down to match the pace of life there. I took more time to soak in the beauty, and these experiences find their way into my sketchbook. The most fascinating part is to be able to revisit them through my sketchbook while sitting in my studio in Berlin: The whole experience comes alive.

Lake Lekshmozero, west Russia: July, 2014
The three illustrations are from my days spent at Lekshmozero in Kenozersky National Park, west Russia. After the hustle and bustle of Moscow, it was nice to get away to the quiet of an old fisherman’s hut (a log house) and spend some days next to this beautiful freshwater lake.