Home Works: A collection of the best home offices

A workspace at home is now a necessity. It's also a retreat from the informality of home to ease into work. After all, it's the space from where companies are run, growth plans envisioned, decisions taken and conveyed. Here, some of India's leading architects and designers showcase a study from their recent luxury residences
Published: Oct 1, 2021
.Taliesyn Harshan Thomson

Image by : Harshan Thomson

  • Home Works: A collection of the best home offices
  • Ashiesh Shah_ Lalbaug, Mumbai
  • .Taliesyn Harshan Thomson
  • Work Homes Design
  • Architecture Discipline
  • Ritu Nanda Design
  • Ravi Vazirani Design Studio
  • Iram Sultan
  • Samira Rathod Design Atelier
  • Quirk Studio
  • Andagere Architects
  • Studio Lotus
  • Nishita Kamdar

Taliesyn Design
Location: Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural
“There is a need to humanise all built spaces and curate healthy living environments as we are spending most of our time indoors. This weekend abode is a sanctum of rejuvenation from the urban hustle. The architectural interventions are deeply rooted in the landscape, with calming elements of greenery and inspired by the local vernacular.”