A year after: A nation altered by the viral second wave

India has the highest seven-day Covid-19 case trajectory seen in any country and the grim distinction of most single-day infections in any country ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With a dearth of key drugs, beds and the return of restrictions across major cities, the nation is coping with its own contradictions.
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Apr 22, 2021
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Image by : Madhu Kapparath

  • A year after: A nation altered by the viral second wave
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A banquet hall in New Delhi's Daryaganj has become the first facility to be converted into a Covid-19 care centre to cope with the surge of cases. Linked with the biggest Covid-19 state-run LNJP hospital in New Delhi, Shehnai Banquet Hall with 120 beds is being run by an NGO called Doctors For You. Among the early patients at the Hall was Sheetal Jain, a young lawyer who had been admitted after she tested positive with mild symptoms. "Never thought a day would come when I would end up at a wedding hall in these circumstances, in these clothes," she quipped.