PHOTOS: How a pandemic changed everything for these students

A streetdweller takes it upon herself to homeschool her grandchildren; six year olds learn to take care of themselves—school's out, but there's a lot yet to be learned
Published: Jul 11, 2020
Ananya and Aditya
  • PHOTOS: How a pandemic changed everything for these students
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Ahmedabad: Ananya and Aditya Abraham, Age 6

For Ananya and Aditya, six-year-old twins, everything changed as soon as the pandemic hit. Their doctor parents would leave them under the supervision of domestic help or another family member in normal times. But as the pandemic spread, their mother, Aarti Vazirani, a gynaecologist, and father Joy Abraham, a gastro-cancer surgeon, were left with no choice but to leave the children home alone.

“It was one of the toughest decisions we had to make,” recalls Vazirani. "I spoke to them and explained that they had to take care of each other.” The first day was tough, second one was fun, and by the third day, they were looking forward to being home alone. Now they are left alone for around 3 to 4 hours daily, with a list of things to do, including tasks and breaks. “The tasks always get done,” says the proud mother.