World Photography Day: A symphony of birds

On World Photography Day, glimpse at this collection of birds clicked by Dipesh Kaura, General Manager - South Asia at Kaspersky. This is part one of a series of photo essays clicked by avid photographers who have a day corporate job
Curated By: Mexy Xavier
Published: Aug 19, 2021

Image by : Dipesh Kaura

  • World Photography Day: A symphony of birds
  • Canary Flycatcher
  • Black Naped Monarch
  • Tickell blue flycatcher
  • 5
  • Yellow Bulbul
  • Serpent eagle
  • Lawping
  • Purple Swamphen
  • Rudyshell duck flying
  • Seagull
  • Nalsarovar Morning Glory

The Brahminy starling's specific name, Pagodarum, is presumably in honour of this species' fondness for perching on buildings and temple pagodas in southern India. As seen in this image too, the Pagodarum is perched on the edge of a roof. One of the distinctive features that make this bird even more attractive is the dual-coloured beak that is complemented by a well-groomed hair-style with a spiky look.

Shot at Thol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat