World Environment Day: A planet to live for

Declarations of climate emergency had reached a crescendo, when the pandemic brought us all to a standstill. In the abrupt quiet, we heard the birdsong, and signs that a lesser human footprint could help the environment regenerate itself. But it can't be at the improbable cost of shutting down an intricate machinery of economies and human endeavour. On occasion of the World Environment Day, what then do we hope for this living planet to be?
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jun 5, 2020

Image by : Samir Jana / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

  • World Environment Day: A planet to live for
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A taxi under an uprooted tree in the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan, Kolkata, India. May 21, 2020
Studies reveal that surface temperature of the Arabian Sea has been rising since 1997 due to carbon emissions, turning the sea restive, spelling trouble for India’s western coast. India had witnessed the severe impact of climate change in 2018, when between April and June, over 50 cyclones hit 16 states, killing over 1,000 people and destroying crops. Global sea levels could rise by 6.5 feet and displace tens of millions of people by the end of the century