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A Man Who Leads By Example in All Spheres: Mario Schmidt

The inspiring journey of Mario Schmidt, a pioneer, thought leader, innovator, and businessman

Published: Nov 17, 2020 05:24:22 PM IST

A Man Who Leads By Example in All Spheres: Mario Schmidt
Mr. Mario Schmidt, Managing Director of the leading German manufacturing firm – Lingel, that makes high-quality doors and windows has been awarded as India’s Top Mind 2020. Entering the Indian market in 2006 with a small workforce and a little experience, Mr. Mario managed to grow the company considerably under his brilliant leadership over the years. After completing his education in Mechanical Science in 1994, Mr. Mario realized that he was deeply interested in fenestration. This led him to learn more about it in the pursuit of creating something amazing. He came to India in 2006 with his impeccable vision and grew his business remarkably.

Besides founding the company in India and working to make it one of the top ten companies in the industry, Mr. Mario also contributed to introducing new products in the Indian market such as Smart Windows, which helped him in gaining much-deserved popularity. His hard work and perseverance led Mr. Mario to be presented with the ACETECH’s Design Wall Gold Winner Award 2016. In this particular award, over 60 shortlisted brands showed their innovation and were judged on factors like excellence and creativity by a jury of over 100+ members of leading developers, designers, and architects. Mr. Mario’s work emerged at the top leading him to win the award.

Winning numerous awards for the innovation that it has brought in the market, Lingel has grown immensely. Some of the awards that it has managed to win are the Franchise India’s Magpie Estate Awards, Realty Fact, ZAK Award 2017, and 2018 for mentioning a few. Highly dedicated and a believer in hard work, Mr. Mario managed to expand the presence of Lingel in around 21 major cities of India which in itself is deserving of appreciation. He is a leader in the true sense because he respects and encourages his team members while taking care of their needs at all times. He also believes in the importance of time management and makes sure that it is followed properly so that the business can advance properly. He has always lived on the motto, “On Time Every Time” and this is not just limited to him, his team also follows it religiously which is the reason why his team stands distinguished as compared to others.

Adding to the various achievements that Mr. Mario has to his name, he is also the president of the uPVC windows and door manufacturer association or the UWMA. His work ethic enables him to lead with an example in everything that he takes up. An ardent reader and an eloquent orator, he has an impeccable quality to speak on almost topics related to the industry. This capability of him has made him a panellist of many progressive discussions where he has expressed his views on topics related to many industries. With his remarkable knowledge of products and a vast experience in offering the best, Mr. Mario inspires many.

Actively participating as a panellist at various events and being closely associated with Ace Tech and ZAK, Mr. Mario is a visionary who possesses a progressive far sight in the market of smart doors and windows. He is a leader who motivates his team to learn and grow while sharing his vast wealth of knowledge anywhere he goes.

With his optimism, charm, and sense of humour, Mr. Mario goes about completing his daily tasks with a centred mindset. He has a vibrant nature with which he ensures a successful result of daily projects and assignments. Mr. Mario is also passionate about music and enjoys attending live shows. It is his core belief that a leader should possess all abilities to set examples for his team by practicing what is preached. An innovator, pioneer, and a leader par excellence, Mr. Mario is a man with a great mind.

As a perfect example of a man who can inspire others to shape a successful life, Mr. Mario motivates so many people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. His innovation in the Indian market has set really high standards for the youth of India and the world.

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