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An insight into India's Leading Technical Consultancy Organization-AITCCL

Providing quality consulting services and constantly diversifying its portfolio and adding new services with the requisite competence is the main aim of All India Technical Consulting Corporation Limited.

Published: Feb 5, 2020 10:33:03 AM IST
Updated: Feb 5, 2020 12:16:34 PM IST

An insight into India's Leading Technical Consultancy Organization-AITCCL
Mr.Shivendu Madhava (Director, AITCCL)
Every organization, be it private or government, is in constant need of fresh concepts. The government sector requires ideas like smart city development plans, private sectors like education departments require skill development and curriculum planning. Corporate Sectors need feasibility studies and market research. To keep up with these demands, AITCCL, a Delhi based startup powered by young professionals aims to provide quality consulting services to these organizations. All India Technical Consulting Corporation Limited is registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Govt. of India.

The firm is a professionally managed Premier Technical Consultancy Organization, and promotes Countrywide Entrepreneurship and provides need-based consultancy services including Consultancy on IT, Environment & Energy Projects, Consultancy on Agro-based & Food processing industries. To its credit, AITCCL has also prepared numerous Project Reports & Studies of various kinds like Energy Audits, Safety Audit, et al.

The company is managed by Shivendu Madhava, who wants to position the organization uniquely from his competitors. According to his plan, the firm will continue executing project consulting assignments, training and capacity building in the field of skill development, livelihood promotion and income generation which sets them apart from the other players in the market. AITCCL has worked with the government on close terms and helped them in various projects like offering feasibility studies and in depth project reports which provides the kick start to various project ideas.

Do we value our resources enough? We all know the answer to that question. AITCCL, conducted an energy audit in a known school chain which helped them save energy consumption by about 28.9%. In yet another successful project, AITCCL performed a safety audit for a corporate firm which helped them deal with safety standards.

Growing Strongly Together

The organisation is in its early stage but is being nurtured by professionals and experts who have a strong hold of their work.

“Diversity is the key element of the organization and keeping the employees content works well for both of us. We create an ideal environment for our people, so they are motivated and inspired each day they come to work. We recognize and appreciate the work of every employee so that employee satisfaction is not eliminated. Good employees means good business. In this fluctuating business world, time sensitive diligence, sharp reflection and it’s duly action gives us a niche of success”

Research and Development at AITCCL is the core of the firm. The team works strenuously to provide accurate research for all the projects. The services at AITCCL include:

●     Agriculture and Allied Sectors Consultancy

●     Urban Infrastructure Development Consultancy

●     Entrepreneurship Development

●     Skill Development

●     Science and Technology Development

●     Energy and Environment Consultancy

●     Health and Sanitation

●     Water and Sewage

●     Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies

●     Smart City Development Programmes

●     Financial Consulting and more

Leading the world of Entrepreneurship
AITCCL works in close association with educational constitutions to promote one on one training and awareness programs and entrepreneurship. AITCCL hopes to help students turn their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs into reality. The organization helps new entrepreneurs follow their passion. AITCCL helps new entrepreneurs in new enterprises in compliance and various other ways like forming new ventures and get them all the approval to commence their business at earliest. The organization has expanded its wings over Dehradun, Patna, Jaipur,Bhopal, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kolkata, Kochi and Bangalore.

AITCCL not simply works persistently in the vertical of consultancy yet besides has confidence in offering back to society. They run different activities to help the minimized network of the general public for the most part in training, human services, and sanitation. This incorporates giving subsidized and free education, sponsoring medical treatments, and setting up toilets and running cleanliness crusades.

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