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Anmol Singh, Author and Forex Trader, discusses the path to successful trading

At the very young age of 28, Anmol Singh has established himself as a successful Trader, Entrepreneur, and Author

Published: Aug 31, 2020 12:26:33 PM IST

“The stock market always goes up. Up and down – but historically, it always goes up. The difference between profit and loss comes down to your understanding of how to trade and your ability to make logical and fast decisions based on constantly changing data.”

At the very young age of 28, Anmol Singh has established himself as a successful Trader, Entrepreneur, and Author. Finding success is not an easy task, but he did not give up, always kept his head high, and stayed consistent throughout his struggle. He is an inspiration for younger entrepreneurs who wish to make a name for themselves.


Anmol was born in Delhi, India, on April 23, 1992. He has been humble and kind from childhood, and grew up as a patient and persistent individual. After completing his high school education, he went to Brunel University London with the strong determination to become something great.

College life was tough for him. He was surrounded by responsibilities such as supporting his family financially. Taking up such responsibility while still studying is very difficult to manage. But, he didn’t give up.

Initially, he entered into Real Estate. At the same time, he also developed an interest in  Trading. He started trading while building his real estate portfolio, but things didn’t go as planned and he knew he had to be consistent to be successful.

After Graduating, even though Anmol displayed excellent academic performance, he couldn’t get a job and it frustrated him. He kept working hard on his trading skills without receiving any help. Anmol was able to establish a real estate business for himself. Things begin to change for Anmol, when finally, after one year, he discovered a formula through which he could trade profitably.

Anmol published Prepping For Success: Ten Keys for Making It in Life, an inspirational, light-hearted guide to help readers put their plans into action. It offers an understandable and relatable step-by-step approach to discovering one’s true self and achieving true personal success. In this book, he brings a unique view on success and shows how the same concepts that he has used to help million-dollar traders are applicable to the day-to-day lives of ordinary people, irrespective of the industry or career they are in.

Anmol’s hard work and dedication have rewarded him with a strong company, plenty of vacations, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to positively affect thousands of careers.

 Establishing a Reputation as a Successful Forex Trader and Entrepreneur

Anmol was able to acquire such admirable trading skills, and his performance was beyond amazing. Several investors identified the potential in Anmol and hired him to do the trading for them. It was a milestone in his life, and he was able to establish himself as a top stocks and forex trader. Meanwhile, Anmol built a reputable portfolio in the real estate and automotive sectors. He became a well-known entrepreneur.

Not only this, but the young entrepreneur decided to use his trading skills to help people struggling in the industry. In 2015, Anmol Singh, along with Jared Wesley, founded It is an educational institute that offers training courses not only for forex trading but also for stock and other forms of trading.


The platform provides a training ground for people who want to excel in trading. Since its establishment, LiveTraders has helped more than 10,000 students. Many traders who got their training from have been able to earn up to $3,000 a week. The platform even offers a live session where Anmol, along with his partners and students, trade live. is considered the top-ranked Stock Market, Forex, and Options educational platform.

“My team and I at Live Traders can show you how to ride the emotional roller coaster that trading can be. And for those that are patient, disciplined, and hardworking, the financial rewards are unbeatable. If you want to be a successful trader, we can show you how to execute trades, review the different scenarios you’ll be up against, and most importantly, how to remove the emotion from it”

Launching A Scholarship Program

Singh stepped in the trading industry to achieve financial independence and to help his family, and he wanted to provide other people a similar chance. Singh had to face difficulties while he was becoming a profitable trader, but he wanted to change things for the younger generation. Two years after the platform was created, announced a scholarship program. The program was an attempt to ‘give back to the financially less fortunate.’ Through this scholarship, deserving and qualified students get a chance to be a part of the training program for free or at great discounts.

The CEO of Live Traders stated, “While there’s no shortage of aspiring traders across the globe we fully realize not everyone is going to have the finances in place to join our training program, no matter their level of motivation... Our goal with the new Scholarship Program is to help qualified individuals change their lives and brighten their future opportunities by putting stock market, options and Forex trading within their reach.”

To know more about Anmol Singh and Livetraders, you may visit their website. You can also follow Anmol on his Facebook page.   

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