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Are the possibilities infinite at NovaQ Capital? This COO believes so

Meet Nina Tranquet, Chief Operating Officer of NovaQ Capital

Published: Oct 26, 2020 11:35:07 AM IST
Updated: Oct 26, 2020 11:41:00 AM IST

Are the possibilities infinite at NovaQ Capital? This COO believes so
Nina came from a small village in Normandie, France and from a very young age she was interested in mathematics and solving complex problems. “I loved counting, the exponential functions…I was trying to look at problem from different perspectives and coming up with very interesting solutions”, says Nina. This led her to make the bold move to venture out to Paris the capital where she attended the university UPEC and afterwards additional schooling from MIT. “The teachings that I received had an emphasis on artificial intelligence, mathematics, machine learning and financial engineering. All of which excited me”, she says. She has helped Paris based start-ups with looking over their day to day administrative and operational work, as well as negotiating and managing contracts with external lawyers and advisers, prime brokerage, etc. for hedge funds.

Next bold move. Nina crosses the Atlantic to New York City where she takes the role as COO of hedge fund NovaQ Capital. “The possibilities are infinite” says Nina. “We, at NovaQ Capital realize that many hedge funds invest from an instinctual way with valuable instincts which possibly may be assisted by some data. The NovaQ view is by using a lot of data machine learning can be an incredible powerful tool. Deeply applied scientific methods where all areas of the process of investing are transformed in scientific hypothesis are tested with data. Truly scientific. Using this strategy impacts our differentiation and focus giving us an edge. Machine learning is the best methods anyone has come up with to algorithmically to find knowledge in unstructured data.” She noted.

Are the possibilities infinite at NovaQ Capital? This COO believes so
NovaQ Capital is a long/short investment strategy that merges information, innovation and human skill to create value for their clients. They leverage advanced mathematics and statistical methods to synthetize large amounts of data to mine knowledge and alpha in unstructured data. Using the most advanced techniques in data science, NovaQ Capital is dedicated to finding the best ideas that are shaping and disrupting the world today and in the future.

They leverage their expertise in statistics and data science on big unstructured datasets to discover market anomalies and efficiently monetize them in a risk-controlled fashion. They follow a scientific method to take investment decisions powered by sophisticated systematic infrastructure. They are global in scale but diversified across regions, connected to all major markets with seamless connections. They are prepared to leverage any trading opportunity presented in any geography, sector, style or time horizon. “We hire the best talents and the brightest minds in science, computer scientists and mathematics and give them the freedom to invent, invest, model markets and generate alpha. Our simulated results show attractive risk-adjusted alpha and high absolute returns, even in bear markets, beating all major global benchmarks”, added Nina.

Being that we are in Covid-19 crisis, NovaQ Capital has undertaking measures to continue the fund without disruption. They alternate the team taking turns between part home and part office.  “Thanks to software and cloud technology we are able to work remotely. We use technology like Zoom, Microsoft Meet Now and Cisco Webex to communicate. We of course minimize how many people can be at office at once. Our infrastructure is very good and we have measures in place to safeguard networks and information from damage or unauthorized access using cybersecurity”, Nina noted.

Are the possibilities infinite at NovaQ Capital? This COO believes so
Nina prides herself being a woman in the hedge fund business. She has helped to shatter these stereotypes. “I have heard many stories from other women about trying to fit in the hedge fund business. For example, they were discouraged by the male counterparts as not having the staying power and resilience, not being taken seriously and ideas quickly dismissed. Fortunately, this has not discouraged me from achieving my goals. It is true you must have a strong mind and believe in yourself in this business. At NovaQ Capital everyone is treated equal and there is a culture of unity no matter your gender or color.” Nina indicated.

Nina always looks to the stars and to her the possibilities will always be infinite.

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