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Are you battling with distractions? Life coach Abhishek Gupta has all the answers you need

Based in Virginia, USA, Abhishek Gupta is a certified Meditation trainer and a Life Coach. He helps professionals to achieve their highest potential on a massive scale

Published: Jul 30, 2020 05:12:07 PM IST
Updated: Aug 3, 2020 04:10:43 PM IST

Are you battling with distractions? Life coach Abhishek Gupta has all the answers you need
Uninterrupted focus is easier said than done. We were never taught how to focus. Schools and Universities failed to teach the life hacks that help us stay focused & succeed faster. I will take you through a tour of the hacks necessary to overcome the everyday distractions. All you need is the intention to change your way of life – and then there's no one stopping you.

These hacks will help you master the most crucial trait – how to live a fulfilling, productive life.

#Cut down on Multitasking:

Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself. It is an art of messing up several things at once. Do not – I repeat – do not take one too many tasks at the same time. On the off chance that you start performing multiple tasks, it won't end well. So, don't keep too much on your plate. It is because multitasking arises out of distractions, creates more unfinished tasks, and ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. Start your day with doable tasks and make sure you accomplish one before moving to the next. Minimize the mayhem of your day by focusing on 2 to 3 crucial tasks. Slower is better than giving up early. Start slow rather than giving up on tedious tasks. Commit to a task and see it through to the end. No matter how small the job is, finish it before moving on to the next.

#Tame the Elephant:

What is the most crucial job you have for the day? The most urgent, the most significant. Get it done first. Take the hideous, tedious, and mammoth task as early as possible in a day. Waiting for them only invites distraction to take over. Invest a large chunk of your day – preferably the morning hours – when concentration is at its peak on this task before moving on to other errands. If you avert those activities, it might lead to disruption taking over. As you realize, an enormous undertaking remains to be achieved; it shall overwhelm you. After you finish that colossal endeavor, you will truly feel much at peace. Also, you'll be able to delight in a brief respite at work.  This gives you time to reflect on the progress you made and that which remains. This is how you can Tame the Elephant – by finishing the biggest and most tedious of works at the very beginning. As humans, we have limited time and abilities. The trick is to focus on that which is of higher priority.


Organizing breeds accomplishment.  An ideal, clear workplace may roll an improvement in your confidence. A dedicated workspace may bring in an improvement in your confidence since outer order can contribute to inner calmness. A brand-new workplace climate can do wonders if kept in order. Whereas a tumultuous workplace often decreases productivity. An organized working environment helps reduce work-related pressure and keeps you on track of your goals. It also conserves time and enables you to decide how much time to invest in each task. Once you develop a skillful working environment, you've prepared a vision roadmap of the organization's goals, i.e., the much-needed structure. In this manner, you're able to expand and produce more significant business.

Make sure your workspace – whether at home or in office – is well-lit, tidy, and neat. Limit the number of items on your work desk. Useless things absorb your energy and often drive you to memory lanes. Chaos at the workplace constantly reminds that one is not a task finisher, thereby subconsciously demotivates you. But an optimal workspace brings out the best in you. Remember, outer order contributes to inner calmness.

#Adopt Micro-productivity:

Too much on your plate? While eating a giant burger, eat it bit by bit. Take baby steps. Divide your mammoth task into smaller deliverables. Accomplish each part in a small block of time. Break that colossal task into short, actionable ones. Now they seem easier and more doable. You cannot move a mountain at once.

Want to know the strategy of the billionaires? Take one job at hand and break it down into 5-15 minutes modules. This makes them seem doable and approachable. This is the billionaire strategy. And followed by the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg-to name a few.

#Control your Internal Distractions:

Make peace with yourself. A chaotic mind will not bear the desired results.

Have a dedicated workstation to achieve a primed mind. Your brain will connect the area with notions if you work in a particular area. This sacred place will trigger peace and calmness and enable you to work efficiently. Prep your mind – Be sure of your goals for the day, as clarity facilitates deep learning. Whenever you shoot breaks, be sure that you leave your workstation, and let your thoughts run amok. Let them wander free during the break.

Meditate often – This is an excellent grounding habit that helps you collect your thoughts, calm down, and be poised.

#Control your External Distractions:

Escape from the external distractions that divert your attention.

Is TV an interruption? Work in another room. Are the children distracting you? Wake up before they do. Is the internet distracting you? Turn off the modem. Uninstall the unnecessary apps from your phone to escape those irritating notifications.  Consider switching it off during your deep work.

Screen your nibbling propensity. Stay away from that unhealthy snack that you may usually keep on your workstation. It's easy to start snacking on these even after the slightest distraction. Put it far from your workstation and your reach. Create a barrier.

#Take breaks:

The human brain has its limits. You cannot focus for more than 60 minutes at a stretch, or brain fatigue shall reduce your work's finesse. Recharge and reboot your tools(mind & body) now and then to ensure maximum productivity. Hydrate often. More often than not, we confuse thirst with hunger and start unnecessary and unhealthy snacking.

Stand up and get some fresh oxygen, a quick stretching session will be helpful. All of the above activities will enhance productivity, mental well-being, and overall work performance.

Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for him in the world of self-help and public speaking. His accolades are a testament to the incredible life skills he helped people master. The lack of mentorship that hampers growth is the reason he says he started with so that he can mentor businesses & individuals all over the world for their faster growth.

A certified Hypnotherapist & an NLP Master Practitioner, Mr. Abhishek Gupta has graced several organizations as a guest speaker, featured in live shows on national TV channels, worked with many celebrity trainers and trained numerous professionals till date.

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