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Argentine director Luis Corchon shoots campaign for new Ferrari Roma

Published: Dec 9, 2020 12:04:47 PM IST
Updated: Dec 10, 2020 05:28:28 PM IST

Argentine director Luis Corchon shoots campaign for new Ferrari Roma
Miami-based filmmaker and social media influencer Luis Corchon recently posted videos of the brand new Ferrari Roma and managed to invite the fascination of car enthusiasts and luxury lovers everywhere around the world. The car was debuted by the luxury car company and is the newest addition to the Ferrari stable available only by pre-order. 

Corchon worked with Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale to get exclusive access to the car. The film director and his production team embraced the challenge of capturing the dignity and glamour of the Ferrari Roma. The video shows the car in motion. As the sun is rising over the horizon of the endless ocean in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, the orange glow of the sun casts a breathtakingly beautiful aura on the car. The video proceeds with the car moving in front of the camera as Corchon captures every angle in dramatic camera movements and drone shots. 

A Ferrari enthusiast and previous owner himself, Luis Corchon appreciates the brand at a personal level. The videographer made the undertaking his and grabbed full ownership of every vision and shot, delivering nothing short of sheer perfection. The outcome was a stunning show that does full justice to the stunning Ferrari release.

About Luis Corchon:

Luis Corchon was born in Cordoba, Argentina. He emigrated to the United States when he was seven years old. From an early age, Luis had always had a passion for two things: cars, and films. 

Luis started his professional life in the tech sphere and worked there for two decades until he decided to liquidate his firm and resettle in Miami, Florida to pursue his lifelong dream of starting a film studio, which he named LC Photo Studio. Luis learned photography and videography on the go, mostly experimenting with various Sony and DJI equipment. He would later develop a calling for photography and videography work for high-end brands. Now, he travels the world and is working with some of the most prestigious brands in fashion, sports-action, hotels, restaurants, and exotic cars.

About The Ferrari Roma:

The Italian car brand’s latest release, the Ferrari Roma, has the following motto: “La Nuova Dolce Vita,” or “the new good life.” It has an exterior that sports a clean, minimalistic, and sleek design that combines pure and elegant volumes abound in perfect harmony. The minimalistic design is timeless and is paired with some of the motor industry’s best performance metrics. All of this makes the Ferrari Roma an embodiment of flair, luxury, and style.

Looking forward to forthcoming possibilities, Luis plans to continue to work on projects in a field he is truly passionate about. Corchon continues to make waves with his film and camera skills, maintaining his momentum with which he broke the proverbial glass ceiling to filmmaking.

To learn more about Luis Corchon and his work with the Ferrari Roma, visit his website and Instagram page.

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