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Achieving astounding success as a leading publicist and PR professional is Barbara Lizzet Sanchez

Her grit, passion and compassion for society have helped this influential and talented lady work for others and turn into a social activist as well

Published: Dec 9, 2020 12:01:55 PM IST

Achieving astounding success as a leading publicist and PR professional is Barbara Lizzet Sanchez
A few years ago, nobody had ever imagined the kind of transformation and advancement the world would see with the advent of the digital world. This is something many experts predicted looking at how industries were resorting to the digital mediums for carrying forward their business activities. The way the social media platforms have seen a surge in its growth, it was evident for people, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses to take help from professionals for helping them in drawing their success path through maximizing the resources available through these online platforms with the power of PR and publicity. Especially, today when the world is gripped in the hands of a pandemic, people realize the importance of good PR through digital mediums to regain their lost positions or grow further in their endeavours. Barbara Lizzet Sanchez stands tall amongst the talented list of women entrepreneurs of the world ruling the PR niche from the US. 

Today digital marketing and management, publicity and the like have become common words in the world of digital media, where more and more professionals are coming at the forefront to help reach their clients to their desired positions in their career or create a lot of buzz around them to help them get nearer their visions. Barbara Lizzet Sanchez is all about this and much more.

Hailing from Mexico City, at the age of 15 she moved to the US and got her degree in Paralegal Studies at Oxnard College. Ever since her early days, entrepreneurship was something she dreamt of being a part of and hence, in the year 2006, she chose to get into the PR and marketing world to work as a publicist.

Today, with her 14-year long, rich years of experience in the industry, this powerful lady has created milestones in her career with working for an elite list of clientele which also includes the who's who of the entertainment world. She and her business partner Patricia Torres also handle together the in-house PR for Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoop's Army. Barbara Lizzet Sanchez was the mind behind the press conference for Snoop Dogg’s “I want to thank Me” tour and worked as a publicist for iconic T Boz’s from TLC sickle cell benefit concert and she represented Raz B from B2K during the much anticipated “Millennial Tour..”

Amongst the celebs she has already worked with some of the names include, Omar Benson Miller, Bella Thorne, Hana Giraldo, Chris Massey, T-Boz (from the multi-platinum group TLC), Nathan Piland, Kevin Mac, actor Danny Trejo, DJ Swagrman, Tori Spelling, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Keith Sweat, Trae The Truth, Red Grant, Raz B from B2K, and the list doesn't end.

Barbara Lizzet Sanchez, in the true sense of the word, is an inspiration to the world for her work as a social activist as well. She has been an advocate of domestic violence and also fights injustice against farm workers. This has led her towards becoming a member of "Bella Foundation," "The UFW,” a strong supporter of "The Dolores Huerta" foundation and a founder of the organization “Bad Ass DoGooDers.” She is currently in talks with a very powerful partnership with “She Se Puede” foundation. An organization founded by the power house Mexican actress, Kate Del Castillo (Netflix Queen of the South). 

Her work for women empowerment and in social activism has always made headlines and this has perhaps been the reason many other women entrepreneurs across America and otherwise has been looking up to Barbara Lizzet Sanchez to follow her footsteps, develop compassion and work for others.  She sponsors single mothers every month and families in need.  She also mentors women who are eager to becoming entrepreneurs/publicists and have been victims of domestic violence.  

She has been an influential name in the community for her compassionate works and for her astounding entrepreneurial success so far, making her appear in various TV shows such as “The Steve Harvey Show,” being interviewed by Fox 11 news, Sepctrum News 1, Estrella TV, various magazine features, movie features and a documentary as well. To know more, do not forget to follow her on Instagram @barbarasanchezpr

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