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Become creative to lead a healthy & happy life - Dr. Biprajit Parbat

Published: Dec 16, 2020 01:51:14 PM IST
Updated: Dec 17, 2020 10:34:29 PM IST

Become creative to lead a healthy & happy life - Dr. Biprajit Parbat

"Being creative is a blessing," says a very famous Cardiologist, Dr. Biprajit Parbat. We all remain so engrossed in our day-to-day life that we hardly get time to pay attention to things around us. All of us are in automatic mode, which is why most of us keep struggling throughout our lives.

Usually, when we think of Creativity, we think of things done differently, or some fresh idea or new idea is Creativity, that's all! For us, it's just another trait that differentiates humans from animals. But not everybody thinks the same way. Some people consider this trait as one of the most important traits in one's life. And one such person is Dr. Parbat.

According to Good Life Evangelist Dr. Biprajit Parbat, people with a creative mindset lead a happy and healthy life. He believes that this trait is an imperative part of human existence. Recently he published an article titled "Creativity – Is the Expression of the Highest Physical & Mental Wellbeing." In this article, Dr. Parbat has pinpointed why is Creativity becoming difficult in today's time?

"Creativity is clearly the selection bias of nature. When we were in the jungle, we were the weakest. We did not fight any animal with our muscles. We ruled the jungle with Creativity – we made traps, weapons, guarding the wall, houses, etc., for us. We trained wild animals to serve us. Thus we saved ourselves from vicious animals & natural disasters for millions of years. All the war that is won is won by Creativity – not merely by force," says Dr. Parbat.

According to him, people with creative thinking make a huge difference, and they are also the ones who create history. He says, "In today's civilization, change has become a norm, whether it is the economy, whether it is technology and business or career. The changes that are happening in today's civilization are more aggressive than those animals that we faced in the jungle. We fought them with courage & Creativity – not with anger & frustration. The same is true in today's civilization – we have to remain creative in our business & career no matter what."

But Dr. Parbat says that Creativity is becoming difficult in today’s civilization. It is because of the noises coming from the body and brain in today's world. He exemplifies it with the bar's scenario – usually, when we are in a bar, and a loudspeaker is playing as hard as it can be – we cannot listen to our cell phone ring tone, let alone our own voice. However, when we sit in a silent room or a silent place, we clearly hear even the minute voice or sound. It is because noise tends to suppress useful sounds that we may sometimes require to listen to. Likewise, an unhealthy body & stressful brain produce noise signals so strong that we cannot use our mind's creative modules, which ultimately affects our creative thinking.

What creates noise in the body and brain?

Dr. Parbat says that unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles create noise in the body and brain. He says refined sugar is nothing but a sweet poison. When we take refined sugar, our blood sugar rises immediately, Insulin comes out in our blood, and our blood sugar comes down rapidly. Due to which we start feeling foggy. Another reason for the noise in the body and brain is lack of sleep. According to Dr. Parbat, lack of sleep increases adenosine in the brain and causes our body not to regenerate. It generates noise both in the body and brain. Besides, lack of minimum maintenance work and unhealthy lifestyle de-condition our body and disturb your autonomic nervous system's balance that produces a powerful body noise – so strong that we may not be able to do even regular activities properly, let alone Creativity.

“On top of it comes the sheer lack of knowledge about the human mind and its coping strategies in this faster and ever changing world. This is missing from our whole education and training system. This lack itself is creating enough noise by means of stress to our mind. Now, creating new sets of neural nets in our brain, creating new ways of thinking, and flowing above life's obstacles is becoming increasingly difficult. These produce stress, diseases, and disabilities.  This phenomenon is preventable. The answer to this situation is enhancing physical and mental health to our best productive and creative self by using scientific knowledge,” said Dr. Parbat.

How do these noises affect our creative thinking?

Dr. Parbat says, "These noises from our body & brain suppress our capacity to listen to our inner talks of lateral thinking from our brain. These talks, we need to listen. Creativity doesn't happen in the outside world. It happens inside our brains."

What should a person do to be creative?

The first thing that one should do is to de-noise his body & brain to listen to the inner sounds. The collection of data for Creativity with the least bias requires focus & attention without any judgment. We need both divergent thinking & convergent thinking to spread the threads of thoughts & then bring them together to something useful. We need both states of focused and defocused mind to produce Creativity. With focus, we bring the data inside. As we defocus, we allow our implicit memory (past knowledge & experience) to flow smoothly into our present thoughts, analysis & action.

He further added, "We all need a healthy body & brain to produce a state of the brain that has lesser noise. By having a healthy lifestyle and training the mind, the body & brain can be tamed to produce lesser noise. That will help us to give our brain the scope of high performance. Our brain can produce new neural networks, and we will be able to listen to our inner sounds of analysis & lateral thinking." He says, "With cognitive training, one can produce a state of focus & defocus at will. Thus, they can move into the "zone of creativity" with ease. Remember, Creativity is the expression of the highest physical & mental wellbeing."

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