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Bhagyashree Singh: A fearless journey to explore dreams

Bhagyashree Singh, Managing Director of Merakii, has been effortlessly valued for her ability in marketing trends and lead advertising

Published: Mar 18, 2019 03:46:55 AM IST
Updated: Mar 18, 2019 06:58:53 PM IST

Bhagyashree Singh: A fearless journey to explore dreams
Great stories come with fearless struggle, especially those of women. Bhagyashree Singh started Merakii, which personify creativity, innovation and soul put into your work. With her lavish working style, she has defined the marketing and advertising industry to one full of class and utmost importance.

She studied English Honours at Delhi University, followed by Master’s in Marketing. Throughout her education, she was enamoured by creativity, a way to share her soul with the world. Her philosophy emphasises a refined use of art and strategy in Marketing, and creativity literally flows in her blood. She has always been fascinated by the thought “Why can’t I do it my way, why do I have to obey the rules, why can’t I be different?”.

To be her own heroic boss, she laid down the foundation of Merakii and the world of valorous entrepreneurship, which has been effortlessly valued for her ability in lead advertising and marketing trends over the past years. She trusts in a refined use of strategy, intelligence and technique in Marketing and Advertising, which has helped her grow over the last decade.

Merakii Group has been the creative genius behind some of the most spectacular corporate creative strategy spaces in the country. Bhagyashree has created and developed multiple projects of different genres revolving in the Marketing Industry. Public relations, campaign developments, corporate strategy and online marketing have been infused with her sense of style and glamour, directly resulting in her great passion and detailed planning for her dream.

Singh’s exceptional taste and free-spirited attitude give her and her work great enthusiasm to take forward Merakii Group and the industry to super heights of success. Inspired by her immense international experience and exposure, as well as her deep appreciation for the exquisite ideation of her native India, Bhagyashree Singh relies on renovation and creativeness to transform a brand’s approach and client’s personality. In the Marketing industry, where competition is at peak, Merakii has emerged as an agency that can constantly deliver what this field needs today.

Bhagyashree Singh owns enthusiasm, evident in the positive energy that is felt and observed in her work. Her inspiration also comes from her father and husband. Her love to explore and discover to innovate what this industry needs, tells everything about her achievements and success.

Talking about the Merakii’s differentiator, Singh explains, “We are specialists in strategy, public relation, digital marketing and advertising. Our capabilities span across the digital media, print media from creative services (digital content brand solutions). Our understanding of the medium, coupled with our core capabilities in the process of creating corporate brand identity, digital space awareness and media placement.”

As Singh puts it, “I have always given my imagination a free run to my dreams. That’s how Merakii has come to a stage where it is today. With great ideas in mind, I have always fused together the tweak of lavish and niche for my clients as well as for brand building. My accomplishments are attribute to talent, drive, determination and a pure love for creativity. My determination and love to explore the marvellous world of this industry are what I have always inculcated within me.”

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