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Celebrity Jeweler Leo Frost Turned Pressure into Diamonds

Frost has positioned himself at the top of the jewelry industry after just one year

Published: Aug 5, 2020 12:43:48 PM IST

Celebrity Jeweler Leo Frost Turned Pressure into Diamonds
The jewelry industry is one that never seems to have a shortage of interest. For as long as humans have been civilized, jewelry has served as a way for many people to express themselves, boast their wealth, and show affection to others. To become a jeweler, let alone a prestigious one, an individual typically has some form of existing connection to get started in their career. This prior connection could be a family business, an inheritance of wealth to fund a store and fill it with products, an internship, etc. However, for one aspiring jeweler, Leo Frost, this was not the case whatsoever.

Frost grew up in a household consisting of his mother, father, and brothers, all of whom he loves very much; however, their family struggled financially, and Frost was forced to mature very quickly. He took it upon himself to one day change his family’s situation, and from a young age vowed to work hard until financial problems were no longer an issue for his loved ones. Frost was an excellent student throughout his school years, and strongly believed that with a quality education, strong mindset, and consistency, he would one day be successful. Little did Frost realize that his future would take him on a completely different path to success.

At this point one might ask, how did Frost end up in the jewelry business? Frost recalls the moment he first became fascinated by the world of jewelry. It was not just the captivating way various pieces looked and sparkled in the light, but it was the craftsmanship and attention to detail that really caught his attention. Frost also noticed the vast attention one would receive wearing jewelry, especially high-ticket items. Frost knew in his heart and mind that he wanted to be involved in this lucrative industry, but with little money to work with, he had no idea of how to get started. At this point in his life, he was finding success as a student at the University of Houston, excelling both in the classroom and as the president of his fraternity. Slowly, he began researching jewelry trends, techniques, and a plethora of skills required to master the art of jewelry customization. To find time for this, Frost stopped attending his college classes, and after some time, he made the controversial decision to drop out of college altogether. This decision was highly frowned upon by his family and peers, but Frost was determined to make his dream a reality.

Frost immediately began to promote himself as a jeweler throughout his community. His first marketing effort occurred when he printed over 5,000 flyers and handed them out around the city. He remembers how people would laugh and shake their heads at him in disapproval, but he continued to remain consistent in his marketing efforts despite the criticism. Leo was ecstatic when he received his first few orders, and even though he was not formally trained, he overdelivered and amazed his clients. After a few weeks of consistent self-promotion and quality work, orders began to roll in. Frost continued to create pieces that greatly impressed his clients, and as a result many prominent individuals in the jewelry industry began to take notice. Two highly prestigious jewelers, Iceman Nick and JimmyxBoi, caught word of Frost’s impressive work and contacted him. To this day, Frost considers both Iceman Nick and JimmyxBoi as his mentors. Soon after, Frost officially created his jewelry company, Frost & Co.

In the last year Leo Frost’s life has completely changed. Not only is he well respected by many prominent people worldwide, he is only just getting started. He has become a star on social media as one of the most popular jewelers, and in just the last year, Frost has sold over one-million dollars in jewelry to a variety of clients. Some of Frost’s clientele includes famous rappers, NFL players, NBA players, and even actors. Frost is known for his relatable personality, trustworthiness, and his ability to easily get along with anyone. Many of his clients have even become his close friends. He has also had the unique opportunity to travel to 60 cities, including overseas to Paris, Berlin, and many cities in Austria.

Although Frost has accomplished more in one year than most people accomplish in decades, he knows he is only just “warming up”. He currently has a few major projects underway, including opening his own jewelry store in the very near future. Frost is determined to share his success with his family while also living the life he has always dreamed of, and he does not plan to slow down any time soon. He is certainly an entrepreneur to look out for in 2020, as well as many years to come. The sky is the limit for Leo Frost, and one thing remains certain- “It costs to Frost.”

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