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Deepak Rai: Spearheading India's net zero construction revolution with BOOTES

India's first net zero construction tech company

Published: Feb 23, 2024 01:06:01 PM IST
Updated: Feb 23, 2024 05:25:54 PM IST

Deepak Rai: Spearheading India's net zero construction revolution with BOOTES

Picturing something in one's mind is an effortless task. However, materializing that vision with speed and on a large scale is what truly defines sustainable impact. Discover the story of Deepak Rai, the entrepreneur who founded BOOTES, India's first Net Zero Construction Tech Company, and surpassed all standards in the areas of execution, innovative product launches, and scalability. To comprehend Deepak Rai, the Founder and Managing Director of BOOTES, one must look beyond his simplicity and understand the complexities involved in 'developing a Net-Zero Agenda for India, using traditional Indian architectural and construction engineering principles'. In late 2006, Deepak, then a young MEP engineer, laid out a plan to accomplish three goals: A. Establish a business with a valuation of over 100 million, B. Make a sustainable impact by introducing Net Zero to India, and C. Deliver at an unprecedented pace.

He crafted his professional blueprint accordingly and began by surveying the global landscape and synthesizing his experiences from various large-scale construction projects around the world. After gaining extensive experience from iconic projects in countries such as the UK, USA, UAE, France, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and India, Deepak assembled a team of specialists to explore ways to integrate global sustainable construction practices with traditional construction principles historically applied in India. This integrative mindset yielded many firsts for Deepak's company, BOOTES.Deepak Rai: Spearheading India's net zero construction revolution with BOOTESToday, BOOTES is the only company in the world to have completed a Net-Zero Building, the Jhansi Library in Uttar Pradesh, in a record time of 90 days, as cited in the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records. The project achieves 100% on-site energy generation, an 85% reduction in carbon emissions, zero waste discharge, water conservation, air-to-water and 100% water-based air conditioning.

Despite being a young company, BOOTES is now the preferred partner for providing comprehensive solutions for building sustainable development projects like the Geeta Museum, Haryana International Habitat Centre, and Jhansi Exhibition Centre, to name a few.

Through its novel collaborative approach to sustainable net-zero innovation, BOOTES has teamed up with the Swedish company URBS to launch COOLING-AS-A-SERVICE, aiming to reduce India's energy costs by up to 50%. With this partnership, BOOTES is helping the residential and commercial sectors in India reduce project costs by 25% and ongoing operational costs by 80%.

In another significant collaboration, BOOTES and the Swedish company EcoLoo Group have introduced S.A.F.E (Sustainable, Affordable, Feasible, and Efficient) Toilets, a patented water-saving solution that uses approximately 200 ml of water for flushing, resulting in 97% annual water savings.

Water and energy are limited resources, and in order to make India self-reliant, a significant reduction in reliance on non-renewable energy and water resources is essential. The adoption of multi-faceted measures to reduce over-extraction of groundwater, implement safe and non-toxic water recycling methods, use energy-efficient systems, refurbish old buildings, and construct new buildings based on net-zero principles is necessary to achieve this goal. This objective of reaching net zero is unique and is much more measurable in terms of both economic and environmental impact. India has a distinctive opportunity to transform itself into a low-carbon economic powerhouse by adopting net-zero principles in a radical shift. This transformation will require investments in clean energy and net-zero systems, but more importantly, it necessitates a shift in adopting net-zero principles, making them accessible, replicable, and scalable. This represents the only route to reach net zero by 2050, two decades ahead of its current commitment.

Imagine living in a city or country, working in an office, or residing in a home where one does not have to pay for electricity or rely on new dams, coal power plants, and transmission lines. This ideal situation also involves the absence of sewage creation and an uninterrupted, clean water supply with zero water toxicity. Indoor air quality remains at a level of AQI5, and there is a commitment to not extract water from rivers or dispose of waste into water sources - representing a truly sustainable lifestyle and infrastructure system. While achieving this may seem ambitious and challenging, Deepak's achievements thus far with BOOTES demonstrate that achieving this vision at an extraordinary pace and scale is indeed possible.

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Headquartered in Gurgaon, BOOTES is India’s first Net-Zero Company with the vision to be the pioneers in transformative and sustainable building solutions and, to redefine construction industry benchmarks towards a greener, healthier and Net-Zero/Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The company provides 360-degree solutions: Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer with best-in-class technologies that reduce Operating Costs & Carbon Footprint. BOOTES delivers sustainable and Aatmanirbhar infrastructure to actualise India’s Net-Zero goals 2070. 


In collaboration with stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and communities, BOOTES has built and continues to build several exemplary projects in India, such as: 
Deepak Rai: Spearheading India's net zero construction revolution with BOOTESDeepak Rai: Spearheading India's net zero construction revolution with BOOTES The pages slugged ‘Brand Connect’ are equivalent to advertisements and are not written and produced by Forbes India journalists.

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