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Discover Hamza Majdi's Story and his Entrepreneurial Journey

Hamza believes that every individual holds the power to transform their life no matter what they're doing right now

Published: Aug 31, 2020 12:36:50 PM IST
Updated: Aug 31, 2020 04:46:27 PM IST

Discover Hamza Majdi's Story and his Entrepreneurial Journey
In today's economy, considering Network Marketing would be one of the best decisions you can make. More number of people are moving away from a traditional working environment, seeking to become independent business professionals. To achieve this, there is no better profession than network marketing. The opportunities have never been more significant than it is today, especially with everything going online.

The renowned networker Hamza Majdi who is from Canada ventured into network marketing at the age of just 18. Success is not accidental. As rightly emphasized, fame and fortune follow those who don’t wait for opportunities. His early life was filled with struggles just as any other commoner would face. However, he believed in setting big goals for himself and going all out to achieve those. “Believe you can do it,” is his motto. 

Today, he is a mentor and leader to tens of thousands, contributing actively towards the prosperity of others. The philosophy that he always follows, is that great things in business are not done by an individual but it is done by a team. He not only successfully established himself as a successful entrepreneur but also built a high performing team of distributors that give consistent results. With over 40,000+ distributors across 15 countries, he has made a mark in the Network Marketing industry.

It all began when he attended an event of 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs. He leveraged the existing platform of a company based on travel, e-learning and fintech and scaled his expertise. Today, he and his team make $20 million in sales. To him, the sky became the only limit as he opted for this plug and play business venture. 

Hamza believes that every individual holds the power to transform their life no matter what they’re doing right now. Here are some of the factors that helped him transform his life for the better.

Will Power

Life threw Hamza Majdi umpteen numbers of challenges but he never let the feeling of failure set in. His sheer determination helped him to sail through all adversities. He aimed to change all negativities and went on pursuing his goals. He says, “be a keen observer and learn from other people, be it a mistake or an achievement.”


Nothing big is achieved at ease and if it is easily achieved, then it is not considered to be great. He says, “Remember, there are no shortcuts. Always focus on mastering the basics and don’t count the small things off!” 

Be Coachable

“If you're too big to do the small things, then you're too small to do the big things." Hamza uses this to remind himself of small things that got him where he is today. He was willing to learn and “be coachable” at every point in life, even today. Without his mentors over the years, a life-changing transformation would have been impossible. 

Teamwork and Dedication

Dedication to work on one hand and devotion towards your fellow people on another is what makes a man perfect. He accomplished great success but his commitment towards improving the lives of people is even more praiseworthy. He is a source of inspiration to those who enter the business world as a brand promoter. He motivates them to dream big and take bold steps and mentors them every step of the way. He rightly molds them to be successful and build their entrepreneur using the existing plug and play online solutions that offer immense value. 

The bottom line is, you determine the amount of success or failure you have in your network marketing journey. Just like every other aspect in life, you get depending on how much you’re willing to give. In Hamza Majdi’s own words, “Just show up to work, be consistent, grow yourself, stay positive and success will automatically follow.”

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