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Doctors Ansar and Robin Khan Bring tranquility of the mind and soul to their community with Sakoon The Spa

Dr. Robin Khan is a successful dentist with her clinic "Dentistry For Health" in Omaha, Nebraska

Published: Jul 7, 2020 12:53:41 PM IST

Dr. Robin Khan and her husband, Dr. Ansar Khan, are founders of Sakoon The Spa, a Day Spa and Medical Spa located in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Ansar Khan, a native of Lucknow, is a renowned urologist with his own clinic in Fremont, Nebraska. Dr. Robin Khan is a successful dentist with her clinic "Dentistry For Health" in Omaha, Nebraska. With over 30 years of experience in providing physical healthcare to patients all over the world, this power couple opened Sakoon The Spa in hopes of enriching their community by providing wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to providing wellness to its local community, Sakoon The Spa is now working with XYZ Media and its founders - award-winning journalist XiXi Yang and Dr. William Puetz - to share its messaging of the importance of human connections inward and outward with a a global audience.

Dr. Ansar Khan, please share with us your childhood growing up in Lucknow, India. How has your heritage shaped the body of your work?

Dr. Ansar Khan: Growing up in Lucknow, I had the great fortune of  being educated at La Martiniere School for Boys since the age of 10. My father and mother were physicians, so it was natural understanding that both myself and my sister would follow in their footsteps. My mother was an orphan raised in a Christian Community and was committed to charitable work and my father was of Sufi lineage and had come from a long line of Unani and western medicine traditions. The early life with my parents, extended family, and then my subsequent experience living among many close Hindu friends allowed me to see the beauty of unity as well as diversity in humanity. The poetic and artistic culture of Lucknow also played a major role in how I view and experience the world.

Dr. Robin Khan and Dr. Ansar Khan - After having success in your individual practices, what inspired the both of you to come together to open Sakoon The Spa?

Dr. Ansar Khan and Dr. Robin Khan: We both had been focusing on the physical dimensions of illness throughout our careers, and as we matured in our practices, we realized there are many facets to health that we wanted to explore further.  We started pursing education from an optimized and holistic health model and we became convinced that in order to live life to the fullest of ones potential all aspects of an individuals life must be cared for. The human condition is complex and requires a caring and nurturing mindset on many levels. We have tried to optimize physical care within a functional medicine framework, mental health, and well being by providing a patio and social area to promote community and interpersonal relationships, and spiritually with relaxation modalities and aesthetic care. 

How does wellness of the mind and spirit balance physical health?

Dr. Ansar Khan and Dr. Robin Khan: There is boundless research proving the positive effects of mental tranquility on the longevity of people who perceive they have a community of support and close intimate relationships.

What does it mean to you to name Sakoon The Spa an Urdu word? How has your community embraced Sakoon The Spa?

Dr. Ansar Khan and Dr. Robin Khan: Sakoon is an Urdu word meaning Tranquility of Mind and Soul. The purpose of Sakoon is to experience and know relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Omaha has received Sakoon with open hearts and minds.  We feel very fortunate that the staff at Sakoon has completely embraced our vision.

It's not easy being a care provider, especially during unprecedented times. To what do you attribute your decades-long success as healthcare providers and business owners? 

Dr. Ansar Khan and Dr. Robin Khan: The world is dynamic and shifting always.  Medicine and business are no exceptions to that.  We have had to make some adjustments based on safety for our guests and staff, but the general positive emotions about Sakoon persist.  In both of our practices, we have always felt that if we lead by showing concern and care for our team of employees, they will in turn show the same regard for our patients and the business.  

How have you adapted and grown?

Dr. Ansar Khan and Dr. Robin Khan: We like to adapt and grow by assessing the needs and desires of the community we serve. Each one of the guests that walks into Sakoon has inspired a piece of our journey. Growth happens when we're met with unprecedented times. Instead of resisting change, we choose to embrace change every single day because we believe it's a natural part of the human life. Whether it is at Sakoon or at our individual clinics, we have always put the needs and desires of our patients and guests first. We are inspired to give back to the world that has blessed us with an abundance of knowledge and resources. Sakoon is a reawakening of these disciplines in many ways. To be conscious of the need for self care as the foundation for service to ones family, community and humanity as a whole is a basic bedrock of life. 

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