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Entrepreneurial Tips: Leverage passion to spur you way to success

If you are looking to escape the rat-race and achieve your ambitions, being passionate is all its takes

Published: May 7, 2020 03:13:37 PM IST
Updated: May 7, 2020 05:08:09 PM IST

Entrepreneurial Tips: Leverage passion to spur you way to success
Ahmad Yasir may come across as a simpleton, but once you are informed that he successfully runs Instagram pages with over a million followers, you'll be curious and interested. That's how Ahmad describes success; it is all about finding your passion and creating a life story that is sure to inspire others on similar paths. A serial internet entrepreneur, Ahmad is the CEO and Founder of InstaReach LLC, a company that manages ad campaigns, viral Instagram content and social media. But before he started a company of his own and enjoyed a luxurious life in Florida, Ahmad has struggled and found his true passion while he was still learning. 

He shares his life lessons and how being passionate can help you achieve even the most ambitious of goals:

Find your passion by understanding what you wish to do! Before Ahmad truly found his passion in the world of social media, he was a student who always had big dreams and ambitions. Having shifted from the South Asia to America, Ahmad was always focused on his education and other pursuits. At a very young age, he started coding in Javascript. However, his focus was always on something larger than just getting a degree, and Ahmad wanted to escape from mundane life as soon as possible. Since he was always passionate about starting something of his own, he started putting his mind at various pursuits to help him achieve this goal. Moreover, he would spend time with his contacts who were already doing well in their own business, to gain knowledge and learn from their life.

With this in-depth understanding, he saw Instagram as an opportunity to truly create something that would connect with a lot of people. Using his talent and learnings, he expanded his network from zero and started creating online content that can go viral. Quickly picking up on his success, he started putting more time, effort and commitment into his passion, and it soon began to yield the right results. In a very short time span, his page "@reactions" gained colossal traction and is today being followed by over 5 million users, while his other page @Ghetto has 2.2 million followers.

Ahmad truly believes that if one is passionate about something, it will always yield the right outcomes and make you successful in life. The road to financial freedom is tough; but also, truly rewarding!


Ahmad not creates advertisement campaigns and manages social media pages for several well-known companies, and have moved on to master his skills on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and now Tik Tok. However, making a move to follow his passions while also completing his Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University wasn't always easy. Excelling as a student, Ahmad could have comfortably worked in a career in Biology. However, he chose to follow his creative pursuits and walked a path different from what others would have expected. With patience and hard work, he has grown to create positive business relationships and solidified his Instagram empire.

And his hard work soon started to pay off! His viral content helped him a big partnership with big players in the industry, and he was tasked with handling the online profile of "Fashion Nova", a brand worn by athletes, actors, and artists. This collaboration with the notoriously-edgy fashion brand helped him expand his name by creating strong positive feedback. With his niche to grow brand reach through his skillsets, Ahmad helped boost organic reach for several of his clients, and soon got the opportunity to collaborate with PUBG (Players Unknown BattleGrounds) to coordinate ads on Instagram. He has also collaborated with other brands to help them gain strong ROI on their social media presence through sales conversion tactics and engagement methodology that he has fine-tuned personally.

Passion is a never-ending process; so, keep dreaming! While the passionate Ahmad has already achieved great heights and is happily growing his company, he still has more he wants to do. He is passionate about starting an E-commerce store and truly explores his pursuits as an entrepreneur. While he is also passionate about investing in real estate, he also wishes to start various small business ice-cream shops. Ask Ahmad about how he continues to grow and evolve, and he's quick to tell, "Passion is never an ending process, and it only keeps on growing day by day."

Ahmad's story truly embodies how finding your passion and believing in one's talents can lead to success. He always seeks opportunities to grow and learn new skills, which is essential for any professional and entrepreneur.

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