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Expanding the scope of Artificial Intelligence to healthcare

Getting chatbots to diagnose your health check-ups and trace sellers of a stranger's fancy watch comes in one company's visionary innovations

Published: Aug 10, 2018 06:23:07 AM IST
Updated: Aug 16, 2018 11:42:06 AM IST

There was the Cognitive Revolution. Humans evolved, developed the ability to imagine, and ascended atop the animal kingdom. Since then, imagination and the ability to foresee has only grown, manifesting itself in the form of world-altering inventions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest brain child of such progressive cognition. IoT and blockchain technology have invaded all forms of business. Like every revolution, this one was also necessitated by the goal of making human life easier. Companies are constantly on the prowl to proactively engage users and automate manual processes. Promoting the agenda of a sedentary lifestyle for customers has become an industrial benchmark today.

Webtunix has joined the agenda. Founded in 2015 by four visionaries – Ajay Jatav, Gagandeep Singh, Raman Arora, and Ruchi Mehra - this company envisions remodelling the online search space and tunnelling multiple functions through consolidated applications. The vision came to be when the founders noticed that AI, being in its infancy stages, left a lot to be desired. There still persisted the problem of human error, interminable costs and data handling issues. To top it all off, the rapid influx of technological innovations burdened organisations with a myriad of internet protocols and no user manual to help navigate through the complexities.

To tackle these problems, Webtunix AI decided to provide solutions that define the very advent of technological age – simplification. By focusing on modernity, flexibility and scalability, the company is able to provide AI tools such as Deep Learning (a network capable of learning without supervision from unstructured data) to enterprises.

Webtunix has various innovative solutions to its name – E-commerce Recommendations System , Health Diagnostic Chatbot, Sports Gaming Prediction Systems , Stock Market Analytics – to name a few.

AIVaid is the innovation aimed at revolutionising the healthcare sector. It is founded on the root problem of life today – lack of time. People are always busy, perpetually up and running for company dinners, weekend hikes, and staff meetings. Such lifestyle warrants health issues, and no time to visit a physician. In a world where bots are replacing human efforts, Webtunix has created something that can supplement the irreplaceable ones. An AI-enabled health diagnosis system , this tool runs through combinations of symptoms in relation to diseases and generates health information. It provides users with easy interface options such as a voice enabled system and perpetual chat support. By providing instant check-ups and timely health reports, it gives a whole new spin to traditional doctor visits. Along with, a positive feature for doctors and hospitals to maintain their appointment database, daily work schedules, Transaction, expenses and employees detail.

Misdiagnosis is a very real concern – even with human doctors – and Webtunix tackles it by building its software database with the holistic expert knowledge of various professional doctors and medical practitioners. To give customers the same level of privacy and patient confidentiality, all their reports and information are protected. Its E-commerce Recommendations System – also called as – is a game-changer in the online search space. This application helps customers to find the exact product they want with simply a picture upload, or the image Capturing. The system then divides the image into segments based on its features and displays images of products with similar features. Common features would include the type of product, its shape, texture, style, and pattern. This customises the search options available to a user to an extent that text cannot.

The advantage of this system is obvious – it appeals to people’s visual senses. In the era of vloggers and picture memes, text walls appeal to none. Customers prefer browsing through images instead of going through a few paragraphs. People also tend to fail at providing adequate written descriptions of what they seek; this system eliminates the problem.
Another advantage that the system offers comes in the form of reduced friction. Many times, customers like a sample product. But to find a similar one with a variant feature, they have to scroll through several pages. Some get results, some others give up after the second page. With the help of this tool, customers can simply select a different feature and instantly get redirected to the product that matches their specifications.

AI will keep evolving, and more absurdly imaginative virtual novelties will continue becoming our reality. Webtunix has set on the warpath, with a formidable arsenal of innovations in its armoury and a client base of hundred plus. Healthcare and online search space is just a starting point; the future can expect to see a lot more of them.

Webtunix has products to offer in the field of IoT as well. In fact, it plans on launching automated home applications in the near future.