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Exploring cyber security concerns and solutions

Forbes India presents 'Future Shift' powered by Qualys. In this article, we are summarizing key insights othered from an interview with the Global CEO of Qualys - Mr. Sumedh Thakar

Published: Oct 19, 2022 12:42:15 PM IST
Updated: Oct 19, 2022 03:58:57 PM IST

Exploring cyber security concerns and solutions
Digital transformation brings new opportunities for companies yet it also exposes them to new risks. Companies must find solutions for new vulnerabilities and stay abreast of new regulations and tools.To help companies navigate these challenges, Qualys offers all-in-one cloud-based information security and compliance solutions. To understand the role of Qualys in the technology world, Forbes India presents 'Future Shift' powered by Qualys.

To begin with, let us first understand about Qualys and how its solutions benefit other companies.
Qualys is a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions. It has over 10,000 subscription customers spread across 130 countries with over 700 clients in India. Qualys play a critical role in building cyber security for companies embarking on their digital transformation journey. It helps them streamline and consolidate their security and compliance solutions onto a single platform.

What has been the journey of Qualys particularly in the last two years which has seen a huge digital transformation journey for most companies?

Today we are living in the digital world where initiatives like 'Digitization' and ‘Digital India' are driving the upliftment of social masses and enabling financial inclusion through the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Digital technology plays a crucial role in our lives, yet often people are wary of adopting new innovative technologies. The use of cyber security tools provides a level of safety that enables people to embrace new technologies with a sense of confidence.

Keeping that in mind, Qualys offers cyber security solutions to help organizations reduce cyber risk and safeguard their customers. The result is the adoption of technology empowers and fuels a growth trajectory that is being pushed by digital transformation.

Since most companies today are migrating to a cloud or hybrid model, how do your solutions protect them from the threat of cyber-attack and ensure their data and processes are safe?
In combination with cloud adoption, digital transformation has enabled companies to take a fresh look at their entire digital footprint. Implementing the latest cyber technologies has allowed them to build security in from the get-go.

We focus on leveraging cloud-based technology that can bring scale and help our customers ensure that their systems are well protected and cannot be compromised by attackers and hackers looking to exploit weaknesses in systems.

Furthermore, our solutions offer automation that helps maximize the impact and efficiency while enabling companies to get a view of risks in their environment before attackers do, so they can take preventive measures.

How Qualys is helping the banking space with cyber security?

We have helped many financial institutions including top Indian banks, global financial institutions,  government organizations, and UIDAI Aadhar to carve technology that helps them protect critical information and prevent security breaches.

We are a vital part of the cyber security programme for many global companies that heavily leverage Qualys to protect them from attackers intruding into their systems. Whether you use your laptop or smartphone for banking, Qualys is present in the background. That's why we say, there is a little bit of Qualys in every Indian's life.

Take us through your successful journey of 10 years in India. And, how have you grown to cater to an ever-growing market?

Qualys is on a mission to create innovative cyber security solutions that are affordable and complement the latest industry advancements. Our approach leverages a single platform to offer multiple solutions, which help lower deployment and workforce costs while increasing employee satisfaction.   

How have you skilled your talent and trained people to cater to these cyber security demands?
One of our core principles is offering  free knowledge training. Our Global Education Services team has provided training and certifications on Qualys products to more than 100,000 people, which has helped them prepare for and advance in cyber security roles.

We also focus on diversity by empowering females and underserved students via engineering and technology scholarships to create future technologists who will bring more innovation to the cyber security space.

How can you ensure the security of transactions and critical user information on ecommerce websites?

We provide multiple layers of technology to make it difficult for hackers to breach security systems. We ensure that the customers are well protected and regularly updated. Most importantly, as a preventive measure, we offer enhanced visibility of client infrastructures so that they can take the right steps to fix the potential vulnerabilities before attackers can access them.

With evolving technologies coming to use, where do you see Qualys?
Cyber security will help more and more people to leverage technology safely. We will continue to focus on building solutions that ensure we stay ahead of every new future technology to help customers have the protection they need.

What do you envision for India shaping towards technology?

India is already far ahead in technology and embraces the latest technology innovations. People are leveraging technology to solve challenges, and we are happy to do our part in securing India from cyber-attackers.

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