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Garima Bhandari is a digital media influencer and highly celebrated single mompreneur

Garima is an Ashtanga yoga practitioner as well as a mentor and coach in wellness and lifestyle

Published: Sep 29, 2020 01:38:41 PM IST

Garima Bhandari is a digital media influencer and highly celebrated single mompreneur
Charting a success story and breaking stereotypes from almost NO career to a multi-faceted, sought after Digital Media Influencer and a highly celebrated Single- Mompreneur - that is Garima Bhandari.

Looking at Garima today, it is nearly impossible to tell the struggles that she has been through to make it to where she has. She has defied innumerable odds to become an influential personality to the world, managing many hats on her head. Her children are everything to her and she has made it her mission to make the world a better place for them, so they don’t have to face the injustice and lack of compassion that she had to go through. It is her endeavour to make better the lives of everyone who comes across her path. She has taken on all social media platform to spread the message of yoga, wellness, green living and self-care and spends hours dedicatedly engaging with her followers one-on-one, uplifting them by giving them public recognition on her platform, extending her support to NGOs and those in need tirelessly and selflessly.

She is a highly coveted international public figure, an image management evangelist, wellness and beauty advisor and influencer, an Ashtanga yoga practitioner as well as a mentor and coach in wellness and lifestyle. What makes Garima earn much more momentum with each passing day is also her expertise in handling social media, being an influencer on the same and empowering many young minds and others through creating relatable, trending and honest content that connects with all her fans and followers by influencing them the right way in innumerable genres like home remedies, Ayurvedic recipes, pranayam and yoga practices, natural beauty remedies, unconventional and modern fashion and lifestyle, sattvik lifestyle and much more.

For many corporate professionals of the world, students, homemakers and other individuals, Garima helps them by mentoring and training them in etiquette, body language, visual/para-verbal communications, professional/social protocols, impression management, and behavioral transformations. Her magic as a specialist and an expert in all these fields have garnered her great recognition in industries like education, salon, aviation, and beauty pageants.

Garima Bhandari has successfully imprinted her name in the celebrated list of women personalities of the world, is also an eminent keynote speaker at various national and international health summits, television shows across some of the biggest channels in the country, wellness columnist in multiple publications. She has spectacularly made her presence felt as a famed global parenting mom blogger as well as a stalwart social media influencer, who is transforming the lives of many in more ways than one.

Garima Bhandari is a digital media influencer and highly celebrated single mompreneur
Garima is a single mother of two wonderful children and since the beginning; her priority was to live a financially secure life with her kids. And her own struggle has led her to inspire innumerable mothers, mothers to be and single moms like her. She has a cult audience who have seen her smash through stereotypes and evolve into an incredible persona over the last few years and consider her family as she does them. This is more than evident in the kind of endorsements she receives. Her inbox is full of messages filled with gratitude for lives that she has transformed and happiness she has inspired. This inspires her to work even harder to make her mission a reality and reach out to as many women as she can.

Today, at just 37 years of age as a working mom'preneur, Garima believes that it is essential for people to understand that life is too short for self-doubt and if people do not get the surrounding where they can thrive, they can create one of their own where people can work upon themselves, rise above petty things and stop seeking validation from others, to choose to be the person they desire, to eventually love themselves and radiate the energy and love for others. For her massive contributions as a coveted public figure, Garima has also been invited as a panelist amongst various Government officials, dignitaries and eminent experts by the Ministry of Ayush to flag off their first-ever “Digital Yoga Conclave 2020” for understanding the way forward for yoga. Her exemplary works have earned her great honours and recognitions as well including awards like 'The 100 Most Influential Women in the World’, ‘Young Women Achiever Entrepreneur Award’ and the “Beti Bachao Award” by the Government Of India.

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