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German Investor Frank Zielkowski join hands with Tuhin Banik and launches AI based SEO company

The company to be operated in India and UK

Published: Jul 17, 2020 06:35:31 PM IST
Updated: Jul 20, 2020 04:49:43 PM IST

German Investor Frank Zielkowski join hands with Tuhin Banik and launches AI based SEO company
Extraordinary technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have always been a life savior for numerous businesses. From start-ups to multi-national corporations, AI is always considered to make one’s business more competitive than ever before.

Not only AI helps to make things happen much faster but it also helps to diversify the outcome and end result of a service or a product. With AI, processes become faster and risk free. Furthermore, AI also helps to make a full-proof model which aims in celebrating benchmarks without much headaches like any manual approach.

With this ideology, Tuhin Banik a young Entrepreneur & an advanced marketing consultant from India join hands with his German investor Frank Zielkowski to finally open an AI based SEO company to be operated in India, Europe and UK.

Mr. Frank is the director of Wootabee Media group, and sets forward to venture capital “SEO Ranking Agency UK LTD” HQ’d in United Kingdom, Coven Garden with the website name (short named as WSS) .

Whereas on the other hand, Tuhin Banik is a young Entrepreneur, data scientist and an advanced marketing consultant who have over a decade of experience in providing advanced marketing solutions for various business organizations.

Frank & Tuhin identified the opportunity in the marketplace & the current landscape of various industries and have come to a conclusion that if marketing services such as SEO is blended with AI then it can lead to numerous astonishing results and fruitful circumstances. With several researches and technological partnerships finally WSS created a unique business model which aims in delivering quality SEO services blended with AI & data science.

Both SEO and AI have their own collective benefits in shaping a revenue model for any business niche. SEO can help in improving the website keywords visibility which will attract more targeted customers and on the other hand AI will make processes much faster, precise, quick, risk free and smart. That being said, even with the frequent changing algorithms of search engines AI based SEO can make sure the websites are all up-to-dated to cope with the changing algorithms and thus likely to produce 10X better result as compared to the traditional marketing model.

WSS is currently full-scale operable from UK and India with HQ’d being in UK and employment ship being in Kolkata, India. WSS will not only emerge as a unique marketing model for various businesses but will also provide chances and opportunities of employing across the borders thus improving economic drift as well.

On asked Mr. Zielkowski Said, “WSS will create new benchmark into this crowded industry as it will draw a fine thread to showcase the difference between traditional and AI based marketing methods. Businesses will likely to 10X more growth on revenue funnel and 5X ROI with AI based SEO services”.

On asked Mr. Tuhin said, “We use the best resources of the country to make cutting-edge solutions catering to customized marketing standards. That being said, we constantly research and play with all changing algorithms across the web and create equivalent AI solutions to make sure online businesses stays on top of their revenue stream and ROI graph. Not only job opportunities but WSS will create history is revolutionizing the future of digital marketing”. 

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