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I replaced my daily messenger app with TamTam, and here is how it worked for me

TamTam- A New Messenger App, that changed the way I used daily messenger apps

Published: Sep 30, 2020 12:16:46 PM IST

I replaced my daily messenger app with TamTam, and here is how it worked for me
The first thing I do in the morning is to check my messages first and then open a news app. Usually, both apps are different. I keep switching back and forth between a messaging app and a news app. Once I grab a cup of morning tea, my routine is to send an email of tutorial documents to my trainees whom I am training as a Marketing Executive.

That’s not a big deal until you come across the app that can do it all. My primary messaging app is WhatsApp, as almost everyone uses it. You save the number, and you can find the person on WhatsApp to send them a message.

Most of the time, I receive work-related messages on WhatsApp. I often miss the text when working on my laptop and not paying attention to my phone.

The solution to my situation was the WhatsApp web. It was easy to notice and reply to the message from the WhatsApp web.

Although I am not using my phone to text on WhatsApp or any other app, what’s the point of keeping the mobile internet on. It drains the phone battery.

I searched for the messenger app with a laptop client, a mobile app, and some additional features such as news channels.

TamTam popped up in my Google Play search, and I thought of giving this app a chance.

Here is what I think about this new app that I have been using for more than four months.

How is my experience with TamTam so far?

I am happy that the app has a dedicated mobile app and a separate desktop app. I don’t have to keep my phone connected to the network to use this app's website version. I loved it right there.

So now my routine has changed a bit, rather it has become simpler. I start my day by checking the work messages on TamTam, then I upload the study documents to the group of trainees and schedule a meeting (A video call with 20 trainees) on the same app. Gone are the days when I was switching back and forth between the apps to complete one training session. 

I signed up using my Gmail. There are lots of stickers, chats, channels and calls.

To give it a try, I decided to video call my family members to check the call quality. It turned out to be pretty good. Then I searched the limit of the file-sharing. Guess what? You can send files of even 2GB size and you get unlimited cloud storage.

So when I received another batch of 20 students, I asked them to join TamTam for online lectures. My video session went as expected; smooth, and good quality calls. I shared all the study material on the same group and students were able to download it without any error. TamTam served the purpose.

Another primary concern of mine was security. I am sharing company-specific data, so I wanted to make sure the app was highly secure. I found out that TamTam uses TLS security protocol and they have created a blend of other privacy protocols to make the app secure.

So far, so good. I decided to try and use the app to achieve maximum productivity. And here is what you can do with TamTam.

How can TamTam replace most of the apps in your phone?

Usually, online meetings or webinars take place in various apps. You have to install the app, consuming the storage space. What I found out was, TamTam has a fantastic user limit for group chats or video conferencing.

I work in the marketing industry where I conduct online seminars for remote employees every month. I have 20 people assigned to me for the training webinars. TamTam worked pretty well as I conducted a seminar with 20 people.

No lag in audio and video. It has 20000 user limits for group chats. If you own a startup or a moderate-sized company, TamTam can be used as your primary communication tool.

Besides, for those who want to have a confidential meeting, TamTam would be great. They use TLS protocol along with their own blend of already existing security protocols. .

As said earlier, TamTam lets you share files of up to 2GB size, and you get unlimited cloud storage. So, whenever I conduct a webinar with a group of my 20 trainees, I share documents in the same group instead of sending it on email in a zip folder.

For teachers or guides, TamTam could be your go-to app for creating study material channels. Creating an online community has become a trend now. And when technology limits your needs, it doesn’t serve the purpose. I recommend giving a shot to TamTam for online communities of writers, technology enthusiasts, students, or anything like that.

Which means, TamTam can replace your news app, video conferencing app, and a messaging app. Your phone storage will smile back at you for giving it space to breathe.

Features that I love about TamTam

After using the app to meet my needs in every other task I do, I think I am perfectly qualified to share the detailed review of the app.

  • The app has a group chat limit of 20000, which is a big deal if you use it for business purposes. Whatsapp wouldn’t let you do it due to limitations in group chat members.
  • When a lot of discussions are going on in a group chat, a message directed to a person often gets unnoticed. TamTam allows you to tag/mention a person ‘@person’s name’ to make sure he/she gets the message.
  • The video calling features are excellent. You can create a URL of a conference call for other people to join in or create a group of people and call the entire group.
  • TamTam lets you voice call or video call up to 100 people, and it works with weak internet.
  • There is a built in player for videos. You can watch it in picture in picture mode. In case you download a video as a file, subtitles are supported too.
  • There are some fantastic channels on TamTam to join. I have joined the TamTam web news channel, and a  beautiful photography channel from India. You can also create your channel.
  • TamTam also has a Bot API, so developers can create bots adding their own solutions to the messenger.
Things I thought could be better in TamTam

TamTam works well with a weak internet connection, but there is a chance that your video quality might change with internet speed. But if you have decent speed internet, trust me, the video call quality and the voice quality is excellent.

My conference calls have been right so far.

When I first tried the app, I didn’t know what the profile link is all about, and why it is included under profile. It’s actually for the security. So if you allow TamTam to have access to your contact, you’ll see contacts on TamTam and start chatting with them. With the profile link turned off, no-one other than your contacts or those who have your contact number can search you on TamTam.

Although, you have to set a username with a profile link. I don’t find it that much useful as I would only want people to see me with my contact number and not with the username. So, for example, someone who doesn't have your number can still find you with your username if the profile link is on. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so I would prefer keeping the profile link off.

However, if you want people to reach you on TamTam without sharing the contact number easily, you can share the username, and that would work. Unlike other messaging apps, TamTam doesn’t show your contact number under your profile for privacy reasons, which is really good.

Some features might not be in your favor but could be excellent for other people. You get the freedom to set your profile to maximum security.

Final Thoughts

I think the app is a fantastic replacement for your messaging app, news app, video conferencing app. The app was handy for my day to day work. As it has a desktop app, half of my issue has been solved.

Like a regular app, TamTam would keep releasing the updates, and I am curious to know what else they offer shortly. For now, I am continuing the app as my work and personal life has been sorted with TamTam.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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