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Krish Technolabs - Empowering excellence in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape

If one thing that can truly define the word commerce, then it would be 'Boundless'!

Published: Dec 15, 2023 03:12:39 PM IST
Updated: Dec 15, 2023 03:18:47 PM IST

Krish Technolabs - Empowering excellence in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape

The world of commerce has known no bounds since its inception. And today, when we breathe in a digitally dominated environment, the digitization of commerce, or the widely accepted word - eCommerce, is how we, as humans, are pivoting the economies.

From using POS while shopping in malls to having things delivered to our doorstep with just a few clicks and ordering things online while getting them picked from the physical store, commerce has come a long way. The lines between physical and digital are merging, and consumer expectations for seamless commerce experiences are at an all-time high.

By not only witnessing the evolution firsthand but also being an active part of this upward journey of digital commerce, Krish TechnoLabs - an enabler of connected commerce, has been in the business for 2 decades now. Started with a small team of 5, Krish, just like commerce, is gliding through all the changes while breaking many barriers along the way.

After all, boundaries are made to be pushed!

Breaking Barriers

This story is about Krish being at the forefront of the digital revolution and empowering brands with best-of-breed eCommerce solutions, all while inculcating new philosophies and adding new feathers of platform-agnostic expertise to the basket. The agency (Krish) has Adobe Commerce (erstwhile Magento) woven into their lives for more than a decade. It even has the most prestigious recognition of being the Adobe Specialized Gold Solution Partner for its platform capabilities. But as said earlier, Krish decided to push boundaries and brought platform-agnostic capabilities by adding expertise for some of the renowned eCommerce platforms in the market. Along with Adobe Suite of tools, they now offer exceptional digital commerce services for commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, Vue Storefront, Spryker, and MIRAKL.

Krish Technolabs - Empowering excellence in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape

Mr. Jiten Padmashali, CEO & MD of Krish Technolabs, is the driving force behind the full-service digital commerce agency’s continuous evolution. He shares, “The best part about being in an industry that never stops growing is you never stop innovating. My vision is to deliver excellence by offering experience-driven solutions. We, as a team, work toward sailing the waves of change with an approach to Innovate, Evolve, and Thrive.”

Innovative times call for innovative solutions, and what sets Krish apart is the comprehensive suite of eCommerce solutions it brings to the table.

“To go above and beyond to help our clients, we’ve always kept customer experience as our core strength. 20 years of crafting bespoke experiences worldwide have only helped us understand that the future of commerce is frictionless, connected, and clutter-free. That is the reason why Composable and Headless technologies are making a wave. In the era where eCommerce businesses are becoming multi-faceted, it is essential to ensure authenticity, simplicity, and, most importantly, accessibility. Our efforts are, and always will be, towards catering our clientele with the best-in-business technology, solutions, and outcome”, adds Jiten Padmashali while talking about the future of commerce.

As the driving force behind Krish, Jiten Padmashali brings to the table a wealth of experience and insight, positioning him as a subject matter expert in the eCommerce landscape. His visionary leadership extends beyond traditional boundaries, continuously leveraging the latest innovations and trends to help clients not only survive but thrive in the fast-paced eCommerce market.

Additionally, the number one need for Digital Commerce businesses today is to reduce the go-live time. To do so, it is of utmost importance to build a marketable store within days. To address this concern, Krish has developed in-house solutions named ‘Digital Commerce Accelerators’. These accelerators are pre-built for various platforms according to their unique features, leveraging their capabilities. Krish has come up with Adobe Commerce B2C & B2B Accelerators, SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) Accelerator, commercetools Accelerator, and Shopify Plus Accelerator, all with an aim to build a fully functional, feature-rich eCommerce store within days for respective platforms. This innovation allows brands to create an online store with all essential features quickly and start selling in days rather than months.

With global footprints and an impressive track record of launching 350+ storefronts successfully, Krish also boasts a line-up of prestigious awards such as w3 Awards - Gold & Silver in the best User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) in the 18th annual awards in 2023, Adobe Commerce FY20 Commercial Partner of Year award, Top Development Agency and Digital Marketing Agency Award by CIO, and more. Bearing massive expertise in multiple industries (from fashion and electronics to healthcare and beyond), it has empowered eCommerce businesses to achieve a staggering $5 billion in revenue. This remarkable achievement highlights their ability to transform digital commerce strategies into tangible results. Krish TechnoLabs’ vision is rooted in the relentless pursuit of staying ahead of the curve.

As eCommerce continues to evolve, under the leadership of visionary leader Jiten Padmashali, Krish stands poised to lead the way, empowering businesses to navigate and thrive in the digital landscape, regardless of platform or domain. Krish's holistic approach ensures that clients are equipped with the tools and expertise needed to flourish in a rapidly changing eCommerce ecosystem.

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