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LetsShave: Breaking Shaving Industry Monopoly & Gearing Up For Global Foray

A pursuit to offer an elite shaving experience to the Indian market

Published: Dec 3, 2020 11:49:53 AM IST
Updated: Dec 3, 2020 10:02:33 AM IST

LetsShave: Breaking Shaving Industry Monopoly & Gearing Up For Global Foray
“A startup can never thrive in a monopolized market,” A myth that has shelved hundreds of startups before they could even begin. Sidharth Oberoi denied to invest his labor in this belief and founded With a desire to offer an elite shaving experience to the Indian market induced in the veins of the brand, the startup thrived. The phenomenal team of the Chandigarh based startup passionately worked hard defeating all the odds. As a startup aiming to reach the peak of the industry, LetsShave worked with strategies to embark a dent in the monopolistic shaving market. 

LetsShave took a leap of faith and summoned to secure a place in the industry that is under the domination of giants with a master plan. The stratagem was to find the gap in the market and penetrate the industry with the attainment of the gap. The anatomy of the plan included the launch of products to create an invincible need in the market and to oblige to existing desires of the customers. Catering the gap, the company pertained not one but two exemplary products in the industry.


The razors on the market were either expensive or cheap, generic, and lacked style which can often cause cuts or pull facial hair while shaving. Identifying this market gap inspired the founder Sidharth S Oberoi with the idea of bringing a new shaving experience to the people. They realized men need a quality razor that gives them a cleaner, closer, and more comfortable shave, but is fairly priced and gives them a unique brand that is distinct. So LetsShave launched the world’s first 6 blade razors along with a wide range of Pre & Post Shave products for men & women. The company promises to manufacture the razors of supreme quality in the significance of being completely considerate of the customer. As the giants of the industry retained their engrossed focus on the male population, LetsShave utilized the potential scope therefore taking a strike for the female testaments. They launched a new women’s brand “Evior” in an effort to normalize the fact that women have body hair. Razors were designed to accommodate a woman's curves and, with a flexible head and a rubber grip to address some of the more frustrating aspects of hair removal for women. The tailored products seized the trust and loyalty of the new shaving community that was functionally left neglected before. LetsShave continues to focus on launching innovative products in the shaving category such as Women Evior Face Razor & Beard & Body Pro-Styler and many more creating a unique space in the market. LetsShave is carbon conscious company, all its products are cruelty free, vegan, paraben & sulphate free. Currently, the company is growing at 400% year on year. According to Amazon, LetsShave’s women Face razor ranked as a number two best-selling product this year.

LetsShave: Breaking Shaving Industry Monopoly & Gearing Up For Global Foray

After disrupting the men’s shaving category, in 2019, the brand plotted to take over men’s bathroom, then began to address the same challenge across other categories in men’s care one shelf at a time. Beard trimmers, shower & face care were a natural leap for them because young men and millennials who aren’t shaving their faces, are paying more attention to their hair and beards.  Thus, foraying into the larger men’s grooming market with a suite of shampoo, body wash, beard oil, beard styling cream and other products. This move of the company not only assured its sustenance in the market but also promised immediate and elongated success. However, the company’s dynamics did not choose to settle just by establishing a unique place in the industry. The company established its identity in 2020 and now was ready to jump on the higher pedestal of success. With the spike in need of a greater product in the market, LetsShave launched its advanced 3-in-1 Beard-Body-Head Trimmer. The company had an incredible expansion of more than half a million customers in India.

The stairs to success are still on its path of elongation for the startup. As determined by its vision, the company continues to focus on solving the grooming problems of today, making people feel good, stay sharp, while minimizing impact on the planet for tomorrow. They aim to create exceptional personal care products that are uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Rather than overdoing or overcharging they prioritize quality ingredients and thoughtful design.

LetsShave partnered with the best players in the international industry having the best research labs and know-hows. Its razor supplier company and also world’s one of the largest razor manufacturing companies, Dorco, picked up 15% stake in LetsShave; a first ever investment made by Korean giant thus enabling LetsShave to mobilize its identity in the Indian market as the innovator. After Dorco, Wipro Consumer Care Ventures (a multi-billion-dollar FMCG conglomerate), has acquired minority stake in LetsShave. Armed with more than $6 million in funding since inception, according to sources, Wipro & Dorco owns minority stakes, giving LetsShave’s Sidharth S Oberoi a majority of 65% stake in the company. After subsequently taking over the industry giants of the Indian shaving market, LetsShave is now prepared to perpetually create the same mark on the world shaving industry as well in coming years.

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