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Life lessons from The Antony Gordon show

Gordon's life philosophy reflects the idea of dancing in the rain

Published: Nov 3, 2020 12:51:21 PM IST
Updated: Nov 3, 2020 10:00:06 PM IST

Life lessons from The Antony Gordon show
While humanity attempts to navigate through the tumultuous waters of the current state of global affairs, we need a voice of reason, a guiding light. The Antony Gordon Show podcast, dubbed a “GPS for life,” is exactly what the world needs. Host Antony Gordon uses his extensive experience as a mentor, speaker, and life-coach to high-profile and equally high-net worth individuals—as well as his impressive network of connections—to bring listeners insightful conversations that aim to debunk the myths pop-culture propagates, while offering timeless life lessons. We break down a few key subjects below, as a teaser of the wealth of knowledge that is encapsulated in the show’s episodes. 

1.  Failing vs. being a failure:

No matter the hurdle put before us, there is only one difference between the victim and the victor; the latter “hits back harder,” Antony explains. He elaborates that it is all in the mindset, in our reactions; we cannot control what comes our way, but we can choose how we react. Adding, “the only people that never failed are those who never tried attaining greatness.” 

2.  Integrity as a compass:

In theme with the show’s slogan—a GPS for life—Gordon and his notable guests dive into what compromises the said “GPS,” landing on the importance of having immutable principles and living with morality. “Integrity is a timeless compass,” as Gordon says.

3.  Fun does not equal happiness:

Most people struggle to find true happiness, in part  because there is a societal misunderstanding of what happiness really is, and where it comes from. Oftentimes “fun” is confused for happiness, yet that’s a transient rush that’s not sustainable, while happiness is the “byproduct of living a meaningful life,” as Gordon puts it. He elaborates that the things pop culture sells to us as an avenue for achieving it, paradoxically do the opposite, adding that “happiness is within.”

4.  Learn to dance in the rain:

Gordon’s life philosophy reflects the idea of “dancing in the rain,” rather than waiting for the storm to pass, which could not be more fitting today. This idea is a major theme of the show and comes up on various occasions, reinforcing its importance from a number of perspectives, while simultaneously inspiring audiences to join their own “dance.”

5.  Discovering purpose:

By examining the dichotomy of body and soul—what we feel we want vs. what our soul actually desires—Gordon encourages listeners to uncover their own deep meaning of life. This subject is perhaps the most pertinent of all the gems Gordon and his guests share, because learning how to reach one’s roots is crucial to personal evolution, and towards inner peace. From there, one’s purpose germinates, exposing “the way” forward—which is different for everyone, but equally beautiful for all.

For more life lessons and illuminating conversations head to The Antony Gordon Show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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