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Living the digital dream : Opicle

With a phenomenal growth rate within a short span of time, Opicle is transforming the digital marketing space and how! Read on to know its success story.

Published: Aug 1, 2018 08:29:28 AM IST
Updated: Aug 1, 2018 06:18:37 PM IST

Living the digital dream : Opicle

In a short span of 4 years, Opicle has earned the reputation of being one of the fastest growing Digital marketing company in India. The enthralling journey started from a 1BHK in Bikaner & till date Opicle is self funded. Mukesh Kulhari and Kuldeep Singh Meena ,Co-Founders and CEO Of Opicle are delighted with the firm's progress and said jointly, "Looking ahead for Global expansion & a team strength of 100+ by 2019."

1) How did you get into digital marketing? How does your normal working day look like?
We are engineers by education. Kuldeep being a blogger since 2010 has always been curious about technology and that’s the reason he got attracted to the digital world. On the other hand, I had a strong business acumen which made me let go of my government job.
This passion and curiosity pushed us to take the risk & emerge as confident, dynamic & versatile entrepreneurs which gave birth to Opicle.

Mr. Mukesh : My mornings always start with a good breakfast. Typically my work day starts at 9.30 am with a quick team discussion.

We both are in habit of pumping up the morale of our junior level employees. At times its one to one (Smoke/tea/coffee breaks) or through team meetings.

Post this it’s majorly about campaign discussions with our agency partners for me & research on upcoming technology trends for Kuldeep. 

There is an ongoing ritual for evenings in Opicle by which we end the day with knowledge sharing, official collateral discussion etc along with a beer.

Tells us journey of Opicle:
The journey of Opicle started in a small office in Gurgaon in the year 2014 with a team of 8 people, and now in the last 4 years we have grown to over 50+ people working in 7 different departments spread across 3 offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai. In the coming months, we will be adding our first overseas business unit in Dubai.

Working in one of the most dynamic industries of digital marketing, we have taken up new challenges and projects every now and then in client requirements, publisher management and technology advancement, in order to build long term customer loyalty and to improve our own skill-sets as digital marketers.

Currently, we are serving nationally and international brands across sector and verticals.

2) What are the regular challenges you face being in this industry?
The most common challenge in this fast paced digital industry is that it is changing 24*7 and it becomes a challenge to keep track on the latest trends/technologies/inventions in our industry
The industry started with CPM Banner 5 years back and very soon we will be selling High end Luxury Cars online.
To live upto that expectation there are lot of changes that needs to be done at every level.

3) What are the new innovations and technology you are using in your industry? How do they help in increasing your revenue goals?
As a company, we believe in providing quality service to our clients and publishers. In order to achieve this, we invest 15% of our revenue in R & D. This not only help us to improve our service offerings, but lead to a long term business relation. Multiple technologies & tools have been placed to improve & optimize our deliverables.

4) What is the uniqueness about your start-up?

A start-up is never unique; it’s the team that makes us unique. A product can be copied, but a team can’t, as their passion, hard work, belief & dreams make us who we are.
Each member of Opicle family is unique and so are their contribution, which leads the ethics of the company.

5) What are the upcoming opportunities according to you, and what are your plans for 2019?

Like we mentioned, learning is the best way to gain excel in opportunities. Current market is more focused on AI Tools, & Machine Learning. To keep our pace with the changing digital market, 2019 is planned for global expansion, & alongside make presence in Tier 2 & 3 Cities. We are also working on vertical addition & product enhancement to our business.
6) What is the success story of your start-up, in your own words?  Any other information about your start-up that you would like to share?
With a progressive growth over the few years, Opicle has emerged as a quality & consistence service delivery enterprise. Our success stories lies in the tie ups with multiple client & publisher. The trust they keep in us due to optimal service we provide & the belief that leads to long term business goals.   
7) Any advice for people who want to get into this dynamic digital marketing space?
Mr. Kuldeep - Digital attracts the urge of earning quick money. There are numbers of ways to enter into the current Digital space. As per us who so ever is thinking to enter this space…you need to have a concrete plan, a problem solving attitude and above all hunger for  innovation and experimentation.  There are numerous way to do so however today’s market responds to one who has innovative solution to technological hazard.

Newbies are taking wrong path with the agenda of making easy money. The focus need to be on long term business goals & orientation, this can be done by following right digital strategy, keep learning & adapt to changing technologies. Perhaps Innovation is mother of invention, so is the digital world.
If you have any query kindly contact http://www.opicle.com

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