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Makarios Aristotle Varner Jr. - From U.S. soldier to Millionaire Investor

Aristotle, at twenty-four years old, founded the company during his fifth year of service in the United States Military

Published: Jul 16, 2020 09:00:06 PM IST

Makarios Aristotle Varner Jr. - From U.S. soldier to Millionaire Investor
Option trading group Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC has made over 20,000 profitable investors across the globe. CEO and founder Makarios Aristotle Varner Jr. is determined to increase his audience reach and share his strategies in making extra income through stocks. Founded in December of 2018, the company boasts of nearly 5 million dollars in revenue at the year and a half mark.

Aristotle, at twenty-four years old, founded the company during his fifth year of service in the United States Military. When he found out his wife was pregnant, he decided to be the sole breadwinner of his family so his wife could rest. After just one year, the company took off and grossed 1.2 million dollars in its first year.

Aside from running an option-trading group chat with nearly 2,000 active members, Aristotle also spends his time teaching via live video training at an online university called AMUU LLC. His effective trading strategies and teaching results in the class selling out every month. To further spread knowledge from Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC, Aristotle has written a best-selling beginner's guide to investment and trade.

Aristotle's success through Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC is owed to his unique and brilliant strategies that earn in just a day, week, or month through option trading. Instead of long-term investing, buying shares, and patiently waiting for your dollar to grow in a couple of years, Aristotle, through his company, promotes the acquisition of fast income. To ensure definite success, Aristotle partners with a hedge fund manager and information technology consultant, increasing the value and credibility of his growing business.

His motivation to educate people about the power and possibilities present in investing has become Aristotle's drive-in furthering his brand. Currently the highest-paid and most revenue-generating group chat owner in the world, Aristotle continues to give people all the tools necessary to find their footing in the business. Aristotle believes that through hard work and passion, anything can be achieved, and anyone can earn as much money as they want.

Through Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC, Aristotle is not only geared to mentor people on investing. Many of his students and audience reach out to Aristotle for motivation and life advice. His military and personal experience help him lend a hand to those struggling in his reach, whether in investing or otherwise.

Furthering his reach, Aristotle plans to expand his portfolio. He is currently working hard to one day be heavily involved in real estate. Seeing no limit to possibilities and opportunities, Aristotle is planning to explore different business avenues such as creating apps, starting charities, being involved in mentorship programs, and entering the world of fashion design.

With over 20,000 profitable investors worldwide and a fast income-generating strategy, Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC is leading the option trading game. Aristotle's game-changing techniques encourage all enthusiastic and passionate new investors to profit, in a short time, through their efforts and excel in their craft.

For more information on Aristotle and his company, Aristotle Signals & Learning LLC, visit his Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Instagram: aristotle_investments

Twitter: aristotlegrowth

YouTube: Aristotle Investments

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