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Mr Maninder Singh and Dr. Vikrant Sharma bridge the gap between unsuccessful and successful

They have joined hands to give rise to a venture, with a passion to help others to achieve their goals and dreams

Published: Dec 3, 2020 10:07:15 AM IST
Updated: Dec 3, 2020 06:13:40 PM IST

Mr Maninder Singh and Dr. Vikrant Sharma bridge the gap between unsuccessful and successful
What makes an entrepreneur different from the rest of the population is his belief and his "never say no" attitude. One such person is Mr. Maninder Singh, a person who is very humble and down to earth, with big dreams and desires but coming from an opposite family background. Coming from a farming background that had no experience in business, he faced many battles when he started his small dairy farm and started developing. He incurred huge losses. Business losses harmed the family’s financial condition and Maninder being a 15-year-old kid had little knowledge of what is going on and faced challenges at a very young age. Huge debt started mounting the family and frustration, tension rose, the family had to sell a lot of their land to repay the debt but still it kept on haunting the family.

These situations on the other hand helped him in developing himself and a greater need arose to do something to bring the family out of debt. After completing Btech in computer science. Started his career at a very young age. He started a computer center in Jalalabad city, worked very hard to run it successfully but destiny had something else in mind. This business also flopped. Then worked as a computer teacher for two years in a school in Jalalabad city.  Later on joined as a computer instructor in ITI college.

Apart from this he has also worked in an insurance company but was never satisfied with himself. He believed that he was wasting his potential and is giving up on his dreams.

Now Maninder Singh's life has changed, struggles are all over and he is now a successful entrepreneur who has traveled to various countries. Venice, Paris, Las Vegas, Hawaii are only a few to name. He is now a well-established name when it comes to network marketing. He has also laid down the foundations of his venture overseas in Dallas, Texas.

Apart from this, he has also now collaborated with Dr Vikrant Sharma. Dr Vikrant Sharma is a doctor turned entrepreneur. He was working with Several hospitals continuously for over 3 years after his graduation and doing a side hustle, a job can’t fulfill his dreams. After that, he started practicing and opened his hospital and was running his hospital and Skin Clinic. Alongside this and with the support of his family, he is also running his Aerobics center and Gym for the previous 6 years. He already had experience of 9 years in his medical profession. No doubt the income was pretty good in his profession but he was not satisfied with himself.

The vision behind Mr. Maninder Singh's venture was to provide people with a sense of self-accomplishment, to help them believe that they can change their reality to fulfill their dreams. He believes there is no age limit for a person to start something of his own and be successful.

Some may achieve success at the age of 20 some may achieve it at 40, what matters the most is to believe in yourself and never miss an opportunity to learn. They promote the youth, allowing them to be self-dependent and be an asset to their family financially not a liability.

Both of these marvelous and hardworking personalities of Mr. Maninder Singh and Dr. Vikrant Sharma have joined hands to give rise to a venture, with a passion to help others to achieve their goals and dreams. Kudos to people like them!

He has now become an example of overcoming adversity and has taken his endeavor Life Changers Entrepreneur to another level. Under his direction and backing, Life Changers Entrepreneur has developed into a steady organization that has effectively worked together with Global organizations and helped them extend their business universally.

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