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Nigar Alieva stands up for women and the oppressed via her digital platforms

Nigar is an influencer and businesswoman who has created a strong following on social media and other digital platforms

Published: Jan 28, 2021 12:07:10 PM IST

Nigar Alieva stands up for women and the oppressed via her digital platforms
In this day and age of social media and digital influencing, channels and platforms have become powerful tools to impact society and communities. Influencer and political analyst Nigar Alieva knows this reality more than most. Equipped with a stage to speak freely to an open audience, she looks to use her influence to help those who could use a voice of empowerment.

Nigar is an influencer and businesswoman who has created a strong following on social media and other digital platforms. But the pinnacle of her work has been her political opinions on some of today’s pressing matters. The influencer and speaker was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1989. At the age of three, her family moved to Russia, where she grew up. She got a degree from the Baku Computer College and then moved to the United States to pursue her greater life ambitions.

In New York, Nigar would pursue further education and gain entry into ASA College in Brooklyn. She finished with a 4.0 GPA and deepened her academic portfolio at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Throughout this time, Nigar Alieva started growing a passion for justice and equality, especially for minorities and women. She launched her first business and became the CEO of AID Group. Her business would expand into a holding company of a study abroad program, marketing analytics firm, IT solutions, and real estate agency.

As her platform and influence grew, the entrepreneur started receiving invitations to speak at events and conferences for investors, business owners, and the general public. She created a niche around the topic of international politics.

The political commentator and analyst believes wholly in the importance of stewarding influence well. Nigar understands more than anyone the privilege and responsibility of having a platform to spread her opinions and insights on certain matters. Accordingly, the influencer has sought to use her digital platform for good. She speaks mainly toward the youth, women, and ethnical minorities who have experienced partiality and discrimination for unjust reasons. A motivational figure with the courage to speak up despite opposition, Nigar is passionate and resolved in her stand to champion the afflicted by becoming a voice for the voiceless.

Whether she’s speaking to women about avoiding abusive relationships or to public leaders on the lack of reform to protect minorities, Nigar builds up strong cases and arguments which have in turn won people over and lead towards positive influence and action in pocket communities in the East Coast and beyond.

Nigar maintains that her platforms show no partiality in return. “My platform is for everyone—for investors, CEOs, women, men, and virtually anyone who wants to listen,” shares the political influencer. “I began as a student studying in a basic English language course. I'm the CEO now, at the same time I'm a woman. I know every possible difficulty that may come upon someone's way, I know how to overcome them and how to become even stronger.”

Nigar hopes to grow her platform to bring more positive influence upon others and continue to be a champion for the proverbial little guy. To learn more about her political stance, and read more on her opinions, visit her website and Instagram profile.

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