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Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives

Nitin has dedicated his whole life to study the benefits of various kinds of Rudraksha beads

Published: Jul 2, 2020 05:23:39 PM IST
Updated: Jul 3, 2020 07:16:15 PM IST

Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives
Rudraksha are seeds of a tree with botanical name ‘Elaeocarpus Ganitrus’ and are found in many South Asian countries including India and Nepal. In Hindu mythology, Rudraksha enjoys a great prominence - even Lord Shiva, the most revered of Hindu Gods, is always portrayed wearing a rosary of Rudraksha beads on his head, arms and hands. The word Rudraksha comes from Rudra (a popular name of Shiva) and Aksha (means tears), so Rudraksha means ‘Tears of Shiva’.

The number of faces a Rudraksha bead can have varies from a single face to up to 21 faces. It is said that the more number of faces a Rudraksha bead has, the more powerful, rare and valuable it is. The number of faces are said to have specific significance and direct influence on the wearer’s life path, health and wealth. There are very few in this world who actually understands the great power that a Rudraksha bead holds. One such insightful person is Nitin Deshmukh, who heads Rudraksha Foundation, a Nashik, Maharashtra, based organisation dedicated to spread awareness about the spiritual and materialistic benefits of Divine Rudraksha beads.

“The merits of Rudraksha have been illustrated in various research studies which confirm that Rudraksha indeed possesses powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and inductive properties.No wonder Rudraksha beads have the healing powers they are known for” says Nitin Deshmukh, the Founder of Rudraksha Foundation.

Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives
Nitin has dedicated his whole life to study the benefits of various kinds of Rudraksha beads. He is widely respected for his in-depth knowledge of ancient scriptures as well as modern scientific research about Rudraksha. As a Science scholar, he not only understands the chemical compositions, energy-matter dynamics and biological significance of the Rudraksha seeds but also proficiently decodes the complex mathematics associated with Astrological setup that extensively endorses the usage of Rudraksha as life changing beads. No wonder, his expert and genuine advice has helped thousands of people across the globe to overcome adversities and lead a happy and meaningful life.

“Every Rudraksha has unique vibes and can be used for a specific purpose. It would be highly improper to just buy something and allow it to enter one’s own life by wearing it as the wrong type of Rudraksha bead could play havoc with one’s life. This must not be done. To enjoy the maximum benefits from your Rudraksha bead, it must be prescribed by someone who knows and understands its vibrations and can match it with vibrations of the wearer to achieve desired outcomes,” elaborates Nitin Deshmukh.

Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives
www.rudrakshamahima.in , an online venture of Rudraksha Foundation is a trusted source of Authentic Rudraksha beads ranging from 1 to 14 mukhi. The quality, consistency and genuineness of the products offered by Rudraksha Foundation have won the confidence of people in over 20 countries across the globe. Many Bollywood stars, Business owners and sports persons prefer to procure the Rudraksha combinations from Rudraksha Foundation to give a much required divine support to their shining careers.

“We humans are one of the Super species in the galaxy. Every man, woman and child is packed with tremendous potential to thrive immensely in all planes of life. All we need is limitless ambitions and persistent efforts supported by bountiful blessings. But we restrict the ambitions, cut-short efforts and hesitate to seek blessings. Thus despite access to all the ultra-modern facilities today, happiness still is a distant dream for almost everyone. We must understand that Abundance, Growth, Harmony and Happiness are outcomes of Spiritual equilibrium, whereas lack of any one of them denotes an imbalance of Karma. Divine vibes of different mukhi Rudraksha beads spiritually empower you, balance you and help you discover the ‘unlimited you’ by fetching the eternal blessings of Lord Shiva. So your efforts start delivering greater than expected results and all your legitimate dreams start coming true sooner than later,” elaborates Nitin Deshmukh.

Rudraksha Foundation helps its patrons select specific Rudraksha combinations based on their birthchart by studying the planetary positions, transits and Mahadashas. The best part is that Rudraksha Foundation offers the advisory service absolutely free of cost. Its online store provides 100% Authentic Rudraksha beads at reasonable prices. Siddha Mala is one of their most expensive yet best-selling products.

Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives
Rudraksha Siddha Mala helps elevate your vibes: “A Divine Mala consisting of 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha in addition to a Gaurishankar and a Ganesh Rudraksha (arranged in a particular order and style) is known as a Siddha Mala. A very few fortunate people in this world are destined to wear this Mala (not just because of the high price associated with it but also due to the scarcity of Genuine Rudraksha beads). Different mukhi Rudraksha beads in a Siddha Mala represent all the Deities and all nine planets. Hence this mala is known to empower the wearer on spiritual as well as materialistic realms,” explains Nitin Deshmukh enthusiastically.

The Siddha Mala helps balance the 5 Elements and cleanses 7 Chakras in the body to ensure good health for the wearer. The Siddha Mala also helps attune subtle energies, thoughts, emotions and consciousness which are the primary governing forces for success in the material realm. With their respective energy fields, Rudraksha beads in a Siddha Mala tweak those forces and align individual consciousness with the creative cosmic fields which grant opportunities and  means (to prosper), supreme success, harmonious relations and blissful existence.

“Siddha Mala is capable of pacifying all the (known and unknown) Doshas in one’s birthchart. Besides, there are certain sensitive points (Good and bad) in every horoscope, which get activated by transiting planets or by Mahadashas from time to time triggering good or bad incidents in one’s life. Siddha Mala, with the blessings of deities presiding over it, appeases those sensitive points (and planets) in the wearer’s space-time chart and thus curbs the adversities and strengthens the privileges. It is therefore highly recommended that every person wears Rudraksha to enrich their life,” concludes Nitin Deshmukh.

Nitin Deshmukh reveals the secrets of Rudraksha to enrich lives
Rudraksha Foundation also offers many other combinations with various benefits ranging from Career Success, to relationships, health etc. They offer 7 mukhi Rudraksha absolutely free of cost to the poor and needy people of the society. Rudraksha Foundation has been honoured with many prestigious awards and achievements like Golden Glory Award 2019, ‘Inspire’ Spiritual and Wellness Visionary Award 2017, ISO Certification for quality practices etc.

Anyone wishing to consult with Nitin Deshmukh or to buy the Siddha Mala or any other combinations of authentic Rudraksha beads may log on to www.rudrakshamahima.in

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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