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Orbit Network Ventures Into The Telecommunication Industry With Its Exclusive Asset Called RKN Token

RKN is the first cryptocurrency to offer sim-card recharge services at such a wide scale

Published: Aug 7, 2020 12:35:18 PM IST

Orbit Network Ventures Into The Telecommunication Industry With Its Exclusive Asset Called RKN Token
As the world continues to fight a never-ending battle against the deadly pandemic, the relevance of technology has gained tremendous traction off late. The importance of innovation has never been more pertinent, especially when remote access and convenience are the need of the hour. Technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are now at the forefront. Interestingly, companies and organizations across the world are actively exploring these and coming up with advanced cutting-edge solutions. One such example is the Orbit Network INC, a blockchain leading company that is constantly developing products, platforms and solutions by harnessing emerging technologies since 1996.

Orbit Network INC. To Roll Out Its Exclusive Digital Asset in Q4 2020

According to the latest reports, Orbit Network INC, is in the final stages of rolling out its digital asset called RKN Token. As of now, it is in the final talks with third-party telecommunication agencies and firms in India, Canada, USA, Turkey and UAE. Once done, users in these countries will be able to recharge their sim cards using RKN Tokens. With this, Orbit Network INC. will be the first one among the blockchain companies to venture into the telecommunication space. Interestingly, RKN is the first cryptocurrency to offer sim-card recharge services at such a wide scale. It would be fair to say that Orbit Network INC. has taken a major stride towards triggering the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially because of its real-life and practical proposition.

The RKN token is an exclusive asset under Orbit Network’s flagship project named Orbit Network Chain Server (ONCS). The token has been developed by a subsidiary firm named Blockchain Development Inc. Currently, Orbit Network INC. is in the last phase of strategic partnerships with telecommunication firms to roll out the RKN token in a wide-scale manner. It has already collaborated with major 3rd party players in this space in order to include Vodafone, AT&T, Turkcell, and Etisalat on the first stage. Orbit Network INC. will officially launch the mentioned project in the last quarter of this year. Reportedly, users will be able to access the token and use it through a mobile application called PAYCAP and it will be available both on android and iOS.

The telecommunication industry has not seen many technological turnovers in the recent past. Orbit Network’s blockchain-backed tokenized solution offers a fresh avenue to this industry. At a time when consumers are moving towards the digital space while leaving behind the traditional options, Orbit Network’s exclusive cryptocurrencies assets are even more relevant. It will not only allow users to recharge their sim cards with the RKN token, but it will also add tremendous convenience in terms of the consumer experience. This can be a revolution in digital asset adoption as RKN Token is definitely looking to DeFi (Decentralised Finance) on the later implementation.  Their interaction with telecommunication giants companies will now be just a click away through ONCS crypto-oriented instant payment solution.

The value-proposition of RKN token goes even further. By leveraging blockchain technology and implementing advanced smart contracts, it adds crucial elements in terms of stakeholder interaction with telecommunication firms. Furthermore, it also adds a certain degree of automation throughout the process. For example, a user’s monthly sim card recharge can be automated by setting up the smart contract with predefined conditions.

About Orbit Network INC.

Orbit Network INC. is a blockchain development company with a global footprint. It specializes in harnessing advanced technologies and integrating those with data analytic techniques like big data, to offer a myriad of solutions. Furthermore, it also offers blockchain-based enterprise solutions to help businesses better manage their assets, and also execute cross border transactions across several verticals including remittances, trade finance, payment processing, etc.

The company has a global clients base to which it offers end-to-end digital transformation solutions. Its core aim is to provide affordable, effective, efficient, transparent and sustainable solutions to companies looking for a digital shift. This is powered by Orbit Network’s diverse portfolio of products and solutions. These include, but are not limited to a digital asset trading platform named Orbitex and 3 digital assets - NYE Coin, SNL and RKN. Additionally, Orbit Network INC. has also established industry partnerships to enhance the scope of its propositions. The most prominent ones are Space Army Research and Probi Tech Inc.

Apart from its latest announcement of launching the PAYCAP soon, Orbit Network INC. also provides a range of other services. These are mostly B2B. The company’s flagship offering is its blockchain development services. It provides end-to-end assistance to its clients who are looking for blockchain development partners - be it for the public, private, or consortium type.

Ending Note

Blockchain has emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies in recent years. It is based on the pillars of security, transparency, and immutability. Based on these, organizations across industries are looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their business operations. However, the paradigm shift from legacy systems to blockchain often turns out as a major hurdle. In this context, Orbit Network’s efficient blockchain and crypto-related solutions enable a seamless and low-friction transformation.

On the other hand, Orbit Network’s upcoming projects like the ONCS plays a major role in driving crypto adoption in the mainstream. It essentially bridges the gap between consumers and businesses, when it comes to practically implementing digital solutions.

All in all, Orbit Network INC. is developing a well-rounded ecosystem of advanced technological solutions that promises to drive the next wave of innovation, especially as the world is thriving towards a complete digital shift.

Company Name: Orbit Network INC.

Website: https://www.orbitnetwork.com/

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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