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Principles used presently not relevant to age-old practices: Vastu Acharya Dr VR Veeramaneni

A triple PhD. in Vastu Sciences, Chemistry, and Astrology, Dr VR Veeramaneni has more than two decades of experience in Vastu Sciences

Published: Jul 22, 2020 02:34:28 PM IST
Updated: Jul 22, 2020 07:40:09 PM IST

Principles used presently not relevant to age-old practices: Vastu Acharya Dr VR Veeramaneni

The principles used in the present world by Vastu scientists are not at all relevant to the old-age practices. Scientific Vastu is not different from the traditional one. It is actually used to give traditional tips to fulfil modern-day requirements. Over a long period, Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni has been providing commercial, corporate, and Industrial Vastu consultancy to undertake specific construction. 

He provides Vastu services to varied businesses, industrial establishments, trade, and several other kinds of businesses. He has excellent knowledge about Vastu, and he uses his scientific knowledge to recommend proper construction tips to businesses.

A triple PhD. in Vastu Sciences, Chemistry, and Astrology, he has more than two decades of experience in Vastu Sciences. Besides giving the best tips using his observation and astrological knowledge, he understands that the requirements of trade establishments are different from that of a business. He is a scholar having a very fine understanding of the principles of Vastu.  

Dr VR Veeramaneni also gives tips for household dwellings. With a great dedication towards his work right from his childhood days, he used to advise people related to the challenges and personal issues. He continued to provide tips throughout his educational phase. He worked as an employee for 21 years. But his dedication and passion for Vastu made him take the ultimate decision of resigning from his job.  

He started serving people soon after and invested all his time in it. Vastu Acharya Veeramaneni aims to make a positive difference in the lives of people and to humankind. He continues his research till date and is always eager to learn new things in Vastu Sciences and Astrology simultaneously.  

DR VR Veeramaneni Vastu is the founder of the Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu Sciences, which is an institute of the architecture of Indian tradition. He provides one-day training programs through his institute. In his institute, trainees are taught applications and principles of Vastu in a detailed manner. The trainees are mostly from the construction business. Several one-day awareness programs are held to make people understand the subject of Vastu. Several advanced training programs are also held, which are six days long, and the training is provided for 12 long hours in a day.

Dr VR Veeramaneni Astrology Consultation is the world's first ISO 10002:2018 Certified Vastu consultancy. He is recognized as the world's first commercial, corporate, and industrial consultant. He is a specialist in planning maps and an architect of new buildings. The building can be residential, corporate, commercial, or industrial where he balances advanced as well as traditional principles of Vastu. He considers all five elements, 16 directions, 32 entrances, and 45 Divine powers.  

He also helps in correcting the Vastu defects in the buildings that were readily constructed. With the help of Elemental Balance Theory and utilizing the principle of 'Right Activities at the Right Place', he uses it to make modifications without making any physical alterations to the building.

He has been felicitated for more than 50 times and has bagged many achievements for his commendable work. He has received awards from both National and International Organizations for Research and Services. These awards denote his tremendous work in the field of Vastu Sciences and Astrology.

His works are well-known in foreign countries as well. He has received recognition from all across the world for his work in the Vastu Consultancy domain. Among the many accolades Dr VR Veeramaneni has received, he was awarded 'Best Corporate and Vastu Consultant 2018', 'Advanced & Scientific Vastu Consultant of India', 'Person of the Decade 2020 in Vastu Category-Hyderabad'. Dr VR Veeramaneni was also awarded Business Mint’s NationWide Real Estate Awards 2019 in the Vastu category.

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